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North, if you get doTerra oil Oregano, use a toothpick and dip it in the Oregano and put it on the skin tag, within weeks it will just fall off. Same question as Connie, my daughter gets blister looking bumps on the same area on a few of her toes when the weather warms up. Knowing that I needed to get the ACV to penetrate past the surface of the mole, I decided to gently poke the mole with a sterile needle.

The following evening I repeated the same procedure, gently poking the mole with a sterile needle, and applying the ACV for about 20-30 minutes. ACV has great antimicrobial qualities and in addition to being a popular choice among the natural food community, is often added to water to make a rinse for vegetables – which may help get rid of potentially dangerous bacteria.

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