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Alexander West was stunned to see a baby fox lying in his bed on the second floor of his home in Hemel Hemstead, Herts. You may love to have breakfast in bed, but that may not be wise if you are eating something with crumbs.
Sarah Burnett was visiting her partner in NHS hospital when she discovered shocking activities which included a needle in her partner’s bed.
Simply put you bring them home with you.  If you live in an apartment the colonies unchecked may expand into your suite but the primary source of bed bugs is them getting into your luggage and bringing them home.

It is not an issue of being dirty or having a messy house,  pure and simple they come after you to suck on your blood.  Their food source is blood.
There is an absolute global epidemic of bed bugs and the more you travel the greater the chance you will encounter them in hotels, independent of the number of stars the hotel has. If you are getting bitten and think you have bed bugs, do not delay get a specially trained bed bug dog to inspect your home and if you find them discuss your alternatives with a pest control expert. When they cannot get out in time, they take refuge in the bedroom and sometimes under the bed.

When you arrive home do not put your suitcases in your bedroom instead wash all your clothing and leave the bed bugs in the garage or your storeroom. They went downstairs to get a number room, only to find blood stained sheets on the sofa bed.

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