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The stings were more hot and pinchy at the time, and then raised welts appeared, which we treated with ice and vinegar.
Everything you described screamed yellow jacket to me except I didn't know know they lived in holes in the ground until I searched and found this. One day about 2 summers ago I was mowing the grass for an elderly gentleman associated with the community center I worked for. The sting's injection of apitoxin into the victim is accompanied by the release of alarm pheromones, a process which is accelerated if the bee is fatally injured. I would not advise trying to seek vengeance yourself, but maybe it's something your local council can sort out for you, seeing as they're probably good at not getting stung and also diverting passers-by while it's going on.
The Light Fantastic, my Dad took care of the two yellow-jacket nests in our yard the same way (SE Ohio). We once had a yellowjacket colony in a hole in the ground in our yard next to some woods in Connecticut.

Yellow Jackets are the gumpy old men of hymenoptera and tend to get much more aggressive in late summer and early fall. My girlfriend had the classic lawnmower run-in with yellow jackets (or ground hornets, idk) a few weeks ago, and I ended up taking her to the emergency room. My stings are actually scattered -- a small sting on my calf, several stings on my rear end (oh, the embarrassment!), and several right outside my underarm, nearly on my back. The reasons you got attacked as near as I can figure are 1) you walked too close to their precious nest, and 2) yellow jackets are assholes. When I walked by yesterday, it looked like someone had dug up the wasp hole (there were still wasps hovering around).
It sounds like it'll be a continual nuisance for people walking by, and plus by destroying and eradicating wasps wherever they are found, you will truly be doing the Lord's work. Another wasp had a go at me this morning (I was far away from the wasp hole) and I wonder if the scent is still clinging to my backpack.

The epipen is ridiculously overpriced for a person with no health insurance, and this summer, I've gone without one. Apparently this time of year they see a surge of people with insect stings, and people who lit themselves on fire trying to get rid of underground nests with gasoline. It was sort of hard to count with the stings being on top of each other and whatnot, but we counted about 48 stings.
In my experience, ground hornets hurt kind of a lot, whereas yellow jacket stings are more sort of hot than anything else. The best part was hosing the still living bastards off my legs as their stingers were stick in my skin.

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