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Unlike cockroaches and rats, silverfish don’t spread disease or cause asthma and allergies. In the home, Silverfish have been known to eat wallpaper, carpet, clothes, photographs, paper insulation, storage boxes, flour, oats, and dried meat. Because Silverfish like dampness, use air conditioning, fans, or dehumidifiers in places where items tempting to the Silverfish’s appetite are stored.
Finally, for large or persistent infestations, seeking the services of a professional exterminator may be the wisest course of action to get rid of the silverfish bug. Subterranean termites live in underground colonies or in moist secluded areas above ground that can contain up to 2 million members. The Silverfish is a nocturnal insect that is found in attics, living areas and crawl spaces of homes and businesses. If you discover Silverfish living in your home or business, call the pest control specialists at A All Animal Control.
Old clothes, magazines, books, papers, and cardboard boxes stored in attics, basements, and closets are buffets to Silverfish.

Plumbing leaks, such as under sinks and in basements, create habitat preferred by Silverfish.
Since Silverfish also live in the outdoors, treating the perimeter of the home with chemicals may stop them from coming inside. Our Earth Savvy Pest Control techniques will use the most environmentally friend pest control techniques to control Silverfish and other insect pests. They live in cracks and voids and are commonly found in larger numbers in attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Unlike the dirty cockroach, which can spread disease, bite, and cause worsening of asthma and allergies, Silverfish don’t spread diseases. Take a look around the house and make any repairs necessary to make it less inviting to Silverfish.
Any paper items of value, such as books or important documents, should be safely stored in containers impenetrable to Silverfish and other pests such as mice.
Silverfish can come into the home in cardboard boxes or old books from libraries or thrift stores.

They feed on live and dead insects, and they tend aphids for their sugary excrement known as "honeydew." In homes, they show a slight preference for sweets and meats or other high protein foods. The Silverfish Bug is nocturnal, like most other household pests, except for ants – one of the most searched insect in the household for insect identification.
In addition to killing Silverfish, Drione Dust also eliminates ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, dry wood termites, pill bugs, fleas, ticks, and wasps.
When applied properly in only the areas where the insects live, Drione Dust should be safe for use in a home with pets and children.

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