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Photo by Alejandro SoffiaIf you have found warning signs of termites on your property, but you are still unsure then you’ll want learn how to do termite identification.
The most common mistake people make is that they confuse a termite infestation with an ant infestation.
Ants can come in a variety of sizes and colors and so can termites, so it is understandable that they are often confused. The easiest way to tell the difference with termites vs ants is to look at the shape of the body of the insect. When you see a termite on the surface of somewhere, it will be moving around quickly, usually in a single direction and it will be moving around like it has a purpose (see the photos below).

Termites have only 1 main long central body with legs sticking out on the side and a head placed on the end. The following pictures will help you to identify if you have a termite problem or whether it is some other insect that is causing you harm. When flying termites have found a suitable location they will drop off their wings and begin burrowing as they try to create a new colony. If swarming termites are present on your property it is highly recommend that you try and kill as many termites as possible before the termites manage to burrow underground.
It is much easier and cheaper to kill flying termites while they are still swarming, rather than once they have burrowed underneath or inside your property.

Other areas which have different seasons may find that swarming termites occur more often during the spring and autumn periods of the year. What is noticeable about a swarming termite is that it tends to have much larger wingspan compared to other insects such as flies.
Once the flying termites have found a suitable location, its wings will drop off on to the ground.

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