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Q: My first instinct is to treat my pest problem with do it yourself applications such as spray. It is true that when you have a pest problem in your home, most people will try to treat it themselves.
It is always important to educate yourself on any type of pests, especially when moving into a new area. Even though sprays kill the bug on contact, they do leave a barrier of repellent chemicals, which will cause pests to find new hiding areas in your home.

So if you are seeing signs of an infestation but not the pests themselves, they are probably just waiting for you to turn out the lights. With school now being in session, everyone is worried about collecting books, pencils, and calculators, while unknowingly they forget about transporting pests into their dorm or apartment. The best option is to contact your local exterminator to remove of the pest problem efficiently and effectively. In fact, by neglecting to call pest experts (such as myself ) you can sometimes end up with a much larger problem than you anticipated.

During the day there is more human activity and a much greater chance of pests to be caught, so don’t be surprised if you are only hearing the pitter patter of mice at night and then nothing during the day.

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