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My ex claims if you sprinkle cornmeal around the hill they will bring it inside and when they eat it the moisture makes it expand and the ants blow up.
From your location I doubt those are fire ants but if they are I would assume the state or county people would want to know. Personally, I think the ants have been in her house and tasted her cooking and now that she is bringing it outside they just got the hell out of there. Homeowners and pest control operators are excited about the superior results delivered by Ascend Fire Ant Bait. The active ingredient in Ascend Fire Ant Bait slows reproduction of fire ant egg production. To Treat Plumbing Voids With Known Ant Activity: Obtain access to void and place up to 5 tablespoons inside the plumbing void. AThe Ascend Fire Ant Bait granules are small enough to be used in the Ant-No-More bait stations. QI would like to use the Asend fire ant bait on my lawn.I have a Scotts Turf Builder Edge Guard Mini and a Scotts Handy Green II. It’s often mistakenly believed that if you’ve found ants inside during the winter it must mean they have come in to find shelter from the cold. Other do it yourself options are available when a homeowner purchases reliable bed bug products.
Professional Pest Control Treatments such as heat remediation, steam, spray or dusting programs.
Carpenter ants are social insects, which means that when they meet each other and pass food to each other they pass along the insecticide which they ingest when they groom themselves. Our carpenter ant specialist, Paolo Bossio speaks with Lisa Evan regarding prevention and treatment of carpenter ants.
Ants can be difficult to get rid of once they have found their way into your home.  Spring is the season when ants come out and start their food preparation for the fall. It’s approaching summertime, which means here at Advantage we get an influx of calls regarding Carpenter ants. Treatment Methods: It is important to minimise moving soil from infected areas as this will spread the fire ants. Behaviours: Pharaoh Ants can cause damage to homes during nest construction by chewing through installation and putting holes in fabric and rubber goods. Primary Infestation Locations: Pharaoh ants are located across Toronto and the GTA including infestations in Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Thornhill. Behaviours: Pavement ants tend to not stray far from their nest, usually the nest is located within 30 m.
Primary Infestation Locations: Pavement ants are common in all urban areas of Toronto and the GTA. Treatment Methods: Both spray and beat treatment methods are effective at eliminating pavement ants. Carpenter ants are wood boring insects that build their home in wooden structures such as; decks, patios, gazebos, and the foundations and roofs of homes. It provides pest control for a number of crawling and flying insects within the home.The guarantee is Propoxur 1% which is what makes Pro B1 such an effective problem for those creepy crawling pesky pests. Pro B1 provides rapid kill for: ants, booklice, brown dog ticks, carpet beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, firebrats, gnats, millipedes, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders, and exposed stages of stored product insects like weevils and beetles.

Flies, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps, biting midges, flying moths, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, crickets, centipedes, carpet beetles, bed bugs, fleas, brown dog ticks, exposed thripes, leaf-hoppers, spotted mites, lacebugs, aphids, caterpillars, climbing cutworms, Japanese beetles, Mexican beetles, mealy bugs, soft brown scale, tent caterpillars, canker worms, and  garden webworms.
The reason is not clear, but fire ants seem to be attracted to electrical currents, and they cause damage by nesting in places such as electrical junction boxes. It does not, however, have an IGR to prevent new Ant generations; you will need to repeat treatment with this bait. Extinquish Plus Fire Ant Bait has two active ingredients for its killing power: one is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), preventing all new Ant generations, and the other kills the existing colony. The bait is also passed by the workers throughout the ant colony and eventually to the queen. For best results, do not apply if rainfall is anticipated within 4 to 6 hours after application.
The past 10 years we owned a home in the city and hired a pest control company to treat the yard every 3 months. I placed this product outdoors directly on my problem area and the ants seemed to walk over the bait and were not bothered by it. Keep in mind unless you are using the bait in a garden area or a pasture area where having it in a station is needed, most fire ant baits including Ascend work much better as a broadcast application . In this article we investigate two of the cities worst problems: bed bugs and carpenter ants. Make sure that you purchase your mattress cover from a reputable pest control company and that the cover has been tested and proven to be bed bug proof. Our licensed technicians always use the best products and we offer the most comprehensive guarantees to get rid of carpenter ants with our professional services. This package includes one Diatomaceous Earth Dust, one Pro-Bug X, two Green Way Ant Gel tubes, and six ant cafes or multi-baiters. Pharaoh ants multiply quickly with several colonies expanding out rapidly.  Nests can contain up to 300,000 workers with multiple queens. Ascend is toxic to ants; however, it is most effective against the ant queen and causes an immediate halt of egg production and disappearance of worker brood. I live next to empty lots in Florida so I think the ants come over to my yard and set up camp. Ascend Fire Ant Bait does contain Abamectin which is usually categorized in the "lower risk" group of insecticides. It kills all the ants, along with the queen ant, within 15 minutes and then it keeps them out of the treated area for 6 months. Advanced Fire Ant Killer on any other surfaces then lawns, ornamentals, flowers or home perimeters.
If you have ants inside your home or business this time of year, it undoubtedly means an ant colony has already established a nest inside your home or business building, usually somewhere inside the walls. With ants, if they are not managed, they just continue to grow their colonies and exponential damage will happen to the structure of your home.
We provide tips for both prevention and treatment of bed bug and carpenter ant infestations.
This program utilizes both carpenter ant attractive bait and a residual spray to provide maximum results in carpenter ant control.
They have been specially trained at eliminating carpenter ants from both residential and commercial properties.

If you see any ant activity outside near the home, it is a good idea to get some of the granule ant bait and sprinkle outside as well. These are certainly a primary concern for homeowners in terms of treatment and prevention but the warmer weather means there is also an influx of several other kinds of ants to both the interior and exterior of your home. It is also a great time to consider a home protection plan, which allows you access within 24 hours access to a pest control professional for over 15 of the most common household pests. The disappearance of worker ants leads to the decline and eventual elimination of the ant colony. I delayed a bit in my annual treatment this year and, naturally, the fire ants started to take over my yard. This means that when used as directed on the product label Ascend Bait Granules pose a much lower toxic risk to non-target animals than other ant bait granules.
In this Pest Control Toronto exclusive we take a look at three other types of ants that are affecting our Toronto, Markham, Mississauga and Pickering residents. In Europe Fire ants heart of natural predators such as butterflies and wasps but they do not have those predators here in Ontario. I do not get ants coming in like I used to and even get through a whole summer without seeing them in the house. We recommend you take a few moments to read the Ascend Fire Ant Bait product label as well as the MSDS to see if this product will fit your needs. Advanced Fire Ant Killer has added zeta cypermethrin to their already potent formula, increasing its effectiveness.
In the spring and summer months it is possible to see ants who have a nest outside venture inside looking for sources of food. If left untreated, some individuals may have multiple colonies with multiple queen ants established inside their homes or office buildings. Carpenter Ants can be very destructive and cause a lot of damage to the foundation and to the home.
To top it off it is safe to use on your pet, and in your pet’s belongings like bedding for flea control.
Since most houses and buildings are temperature controlled, ant colonies established inside the structure of a building do not hibernate.
Another reason you are seeing ants suddenly appearing now is because the humidity in your house has decreased and the ants are looking for moisture. All the heat that is being pumped throughout your home’s central heating system or from space heaters causes the air to become very dry and ants cannot survive well in that environment in the walls. We also offer a 1 year guarantee when we service you for ants, so if you need additional service within 1 year of your treatment, we service you at no additional charge.
This is why in the winter you will usually find ants near a bathtub or bathroom sink, in the kitchen sink, in the laundry room, and other areas where there is running water inside your home or business building.

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