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If you've studied bees, you know that there are approximately 20,000 described species of bees in the world. Most people are familiar with honey bees and bumble bees, but they don't know about "those big black bees" (carpenter bees) or "those green metallic bees" (sweat bees).
Under anatomy, you'll learn about body plan, look-alikes, size and shape, body color, antennae, wings, males ves females, pollen transport, tongue length, pilosity, stingers.
This photo in the field guide shows a chunk of plum tree wood drilled by valley carpenter bees. At the end of a long summer season of brutal territorial battles and of courting coy females, male carpenter bees are so tired and tattered that they let themselves be handled without protest. Male wasps (and bees) may not be able to sting but lots do have functional biting mouthparts.
Both male and unfertilized female carpenter bees overwinter in nest tunnels constructed the previous summer.

Females apparently constructed only one nest per year in the North; bees emerged in the late summer and overwintered as adults with mating taking place in the spring. If you are stung by a female carpenter bee, you may want to put ice on the sting to ease the pain. There’s no danger of being stung, as all male bees and wasps lack the stinging apparatus. I wouldn’t pick anything up unless I knew from comparison what the female looks like, though. After mating, usually in April or May, a female excavates a tunnel in wood or cleans out and reuses an old one. If you are allergic to bee stings, it is important to get the necessary treatment immediately, and this may mean going to a hospital or emergency room right away.
Lynn Kimsey, director of the Bohart Museum (home of nearly 8 million specimens) and UC Davis professor of entomology, told him that valley carpenter bees (females) drilled the holes.

Females usually stay around the nest or pollinate and will rarely approach humans compared to the males. If your reaction to the bee sting is more than just a red itchy bump at the sting location or you break into hives all over your body, this may mean that you are allergic and should get the appropriate treatment immediately. When provoking a colony of carpenter bees, it is usually the male carpenter bees that will come up to your face because the males have a curious personality and are very territorial. As Biobob said, mouthparts can be amazingly strong and carpenter bees actually dig holes in wood with them so I will stay on the safe side. You would need to do something extreme like grab it in your hand or poke it in order for it to sting.

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