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Treatment of bed bug bites involves two factors namely identifying the insect and treating the infection.
Staying in healthy atmosphere and following healthy lifestyle can prevent you from getting infested from bed bug bites. Cats that are born deaf have significantly enhanced peripheral vision and motion detection abilities.
The itchiness of a bite can actually be a good thing, even if it's an annoying one, because mosquito bites can transfer disease. Since mosquito bites can cause more than an itch, it's a good idea for people to avoid them when they can. I've got a lot of mosquitoes around my garden and I get bitten like five times and more daily.
The mosquito bite itches because when it stings it makes your blood rush quicker (I know you already know that) and if your body can't stop that you will die so your body has a special kind of fluid or something which stops the blood from rushing too quickly and saves you from dying, but it makes you itch.
I always scratch until I break skin at the top of the bump, and then I squeeze all the stuff (which is just clear liquid) out of the bump until it's basically no longer a bump, and it works so well for me.
I eat candy sometimes (whenever I feel like it) and the problem is i get a lot of mosquito bites. We have found a product in Europe called Aspivenin which works very well to remove the contents of bites and stings and the relief is immediate. My arm (24 hours later) has swelled with around a 20cm diameter circle around the bite, my elbow is twice the size it was and the other bite has developed into a blister.
Mother Telika Howard and her daughter spent a night in a Mid-South motel on April 10 while waiting to transfer to their new place. Shelby County Health Department shared that the hotel was already reported for bed bugs twice. Bed Bug Bully is organic-based and is already in EPA’s FIFRA 25(b) list for being pesticide-exempt.
Individually, bed bug bite marks have no distinctive features, but a group of bites may indicate the presence of these blood-sucking insects.
Bumps: If you have raised bumps on your skin, you may have bites - even if they don't itch. Besides the appearance of bite marks on your skin, there are other ways to determine the presence of bed bugs. Known for its intense itch, this pest is a very difficult one to treat once an infestation begins. It only takes about 5 minutes for a bedbug to feed and in as little as a month, that bug could multiply into thousands.
This is exactly what an infested mattress looks like, including the bug, it’s shells, bed bug poop, eggs and more. Vanessa, a visitor who shared her story, shows her young son after going to the doctor – they were told the bites were from bed bugs and as you can see, bites like this can be very damaging! A few months later when her older son complained of his skin crawling in the middle of the night, Ava checked on the baby and found his bedframe and mattress were completely covered with bugs with many in the process of feeding! As you can see in the picture, this poor baby was helpless to do anything while the being attacked and bitten by bed bugs. Below is Rob’s story of being repeatedly bitten by bugs and after a lot of research found out that indeed he had bed bugs – thanks for sharing Rob!
I’m a huge bug scardy pants and called my friend to remove the bug but not kill it as the doctor wanted me to try and capture any bug I found.
In short I was getting bitten by bedbugs at his place and lucky that I found the one Tuesday morning and killed it or I could have had the problem spread to my apartment.
We have a ton of bed bug bites pictures raging from bites from a few bugs to full out attacks that leave the victim damaged for life.
If you are concerned that you may have found a bed bug, have bites or can help those seeking information, please participate. A visitor posted this from their phone and wanted to show everyone what bed bug bites, shells and the bug itself looks like. I read through this site worried that it could be bed bug bites since there appears to be 3 in a row though they aren’t very close and the 3rd one is very tiny and not bumped up. Everynight when I lay down to go to bed I get extremely itchy and end up with little bumps kinda like Amelia had but not as many and they are only on my leg. Starting ~2 weeks ago I noticed small pimple-like bites on my legs–upper thigh area mostly.
I went upstairs and made my husband get up so I could bag the sheets, duvet cover and goose down comforter in a bag and put in the garage. Next morning after inspecting the bed I swore I found fecal matter so I contacted Orkin (we have a contract in the summer because of past issues with ants) he came to inspect my room and found nothing, the stuff I found wasn’t fecal matter and told me he wished I had kept the bug. One week later I have my husband help me turn the box springs so I can spray them again and sweep under the bed. Anyway, now totally paranoid and haven’t slept in a week I decide to go ahead and cover the box springs for piece of mind.
I have attached a picture of the bug and of these bumps on my chest for you to take a look at.
This is just a suggestion to try but it seems logical to me and firms in California use heated whole house envelopes to get rid of termites. If you really want to try get rid of all the bed bugs in your domicile ( and all other bugs to boot) rent yourself an industrial heater like a Herman Nelson or a Frost Fighter. The first picture (click on it so see full photo of the bug bite) is first thing in the morning. Have you ever heard of bed bugs bitting private areas, because I found a lot of bites on my son’s privates.
Pic #2 +3 bites are swollen, especially #3 I think I scratched it when I was half awake and asleep…now the bites are all bumpy.
The bites on your arm, in photo #3, look like bed bug bites as they are in a line typical of these blood suckers. I recently stayed at a hotel while my family went to Disney land when we came back i noticed my 7 month old son had these bites on his arm.
So I don’t know if I have bed bugs or not, and I figured this was the place to find out. I also just moved to a new place before vacation, I spent 3 nights here before going on vacation but the bites have only started since I came back.
I came across a forum where you were very helpful to others and I was wondering if you could help me too in determining if this is a bed bug rash.
Update – no new bites since 2 nights ago for me, and the ones I have are less itchy and swollen. My husband and I were getting tiny bites every now and then but as we golf, we figured that they were mosquito or other types of bites. Unfortunately I faced another several hours in the car before and after another all day meeting, with the location of these bites just awful for sitting, seat belts, and even underwear for that matter!
We never really found that many bugs, I would have to say probably between 12-16 over the course of first spotting then (and most of these were found dead after the treatment).
I still worry about them, and i have found bites on me recently however we do have two dogs, who we have a problem with fleas. Then I started finding more bites – and then more – and in spots that a mosquito shouldn’t have been able to get to – like my buttocks, upper back, and legs. I live in the UK, and recently moved into a temporary apartment which a friend let me stay in for reduced rent. After about a week in the apartment, I noticed a few bites on my wrist, but thought maybe I was having a dust mite allergy, because when I moved into the apartment and cleaned, it appeared as though the place hadn’t been vacuumed in years. I washed all the bedding, vacuumed the mattress, sprayed tea tree oil, and for a couple of nights didn’t get any bites.
This is the 2nd time ive gotten these weird bites all over my ankles and now all up my leg and some on my arms. I recently spent a night at a friend’s house, and these spots showed up a day or so later on my ankle. I have never had any encounters with bed bugs until today, when I noticed lots of puffy red marks popping up along my arms and legs.
Around the beginning of the year I was eradicating bed bugs on my own and near the end of the fight I was spotting an adult somewhere on my bed every day. The picture is a little blurry but you can clearly see how this bug was hanging out on the underside of my king size mattress. I’m not sure on what is eating me but last week I went to the ER because I thought I got bitten by a brown recluse. I had a fruit bat in the house I have been staying in for the past 2 months and it took me 3 days to get it out. It took about a week to do this, and clean carpets, and wash all walls and floors with a mix of alcohol and soap (and all other surfaces as well), and then he came in and did an extensive extermination.
What has thrown my dad and I off is that it looks like no bedbug we’ve seen a picture of. I’ve been doing a lot of online research regarding bedbugs, and everything I read points to the fact that there is at least one bedbug feeding on me. So one night after coming out of the shower, I went back to my room only to find one of those little suckers walking on my bed.. Bottom line is, we have been sleeping in the living room now – sad, I know – and although I have hardly any new bites, my boyfriend has quite a few, though they look quite different from mine (which thankfully are in the process of healing). Here’s a photo of the ONLY bites anyone in my family has and they are the only bites on my body.
I put whatever I thought was biting me into a zip lock and went to the hospital convinced I had tics.
Sense then on a couple occasions I’ve tried talking to my mother about it, friends, basically everyone is like those are flea bites.
I have a 3 year old little guy and he gets little teenie bites, and he wakes up saying he’s got the “itchies”, but not my 10 year old son. I believe bed bugs have common areas they bite, and common places that you'll find bed bug rashes (a series of bed bug bites). Makes no sense.I have one on my hand, so when I woke up (like right now) I looked and noticed it doubled in size. Relief comes instantly after that, and i know that there's no more (what I call) bug juice in there anymore. Two of the bites, one on my ankle the other on my elbow, healed up then started to raise, and got red and very itchy again. According to her, the manager was not nice at all and even said that they could’ve brought in the critters. Having one around would enable you to eliminate those bugs right after you’ve confirmed their presence.
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A single bite mark may look like a mosquito or flea bite, with a slightly swollen red appearance. While the initial bite may be singular, the allergic reaction to the injected chemicals may cause a rash, especially if the bite is scratched and spread.
Depending on your level of sensitivity to the bite, a bump may be the only symptom of bedbugs.

This will help you to remember not to scratch the area and will protect the bite from infection. Professional extermination and the removal of furniture and beds may be necessary to rid the environment of these pests and prevent future bedbug bites. If only a portion of that colony were to feed on you while you’re sleeping, you could wake up to a body covered in bites! It’s important not to scratch the area as doing so will cause scabbing and could leave a scar.
Been spending a lot of time at a friends place and the week of Halloween started to get red spots that were intense in the itch.
Brought it in this morning as he was removing the stitches from the biopsy and he looked it up. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding, but our bedbug checklist in the menu bar at the top of this page explains where you should look. I took off my sheets and inspected all around my mattress and box springs and wall but saw no bugs, exoskeletons, eggs. I would only get one per night, they never seemed to itch, and within a few days they’d scar over like a pimple.
Three weeks ago I was reading a library book in my bed when I saw a little bug crawl off the page and on my hand.
When I turned the page another little bug crawled off the page, this time I grabbed a tissue and picked the bug up.
After speaking with my friend the next morning, I purchased a mattress cover for my bed and my two girls and a spray called Rest Easy made by Right Brain and sprayed the box springs, bottom of recliner, floor boards and register vents. So I calm down thinking now maybe I was wrong it wasn’t a BB, so I continue to sweep the floor everyday, check the sheets and spray. I continue to sweep every two days and am up at all hours of the night looking for the bugs. No one has been bitten (that I can tell) and no fecal matter, or blood smear on the sheets. My bumps do not itch, however I do have one on my should that looks like a pimple that does.
Bugs can not sweat or get rid of excess heat so it follows logically that the little buggers will die. I’ve created a post here with your image and answer to how many legs does a bed bug have. After two days of itching and burning pain I have been to two dermatologists and they say that it is insect bites and that the insects live in the bed where I sleep.
It is nearly 2 am in the morning but I cannot sleep – 35 C and I am fully covered in jeans, cardigan and socks and the itching wont stop.
Changing rooms did not help, so the owner called a sanitizing firm that treated all bedrooms. The only way you could be eaten alive like this is if there is a massive infestation of bed bugs (or something else) and chances are, the villa has had previous complaints! Luggage, clothing, and everything else you brought with you MUST be sanitized BEFORE you go back home! For the past 3 nights I have been getting bite marks all over my hands, forearms, upper arms, and the back of my neck and for the past night my wife got some on her arms as well. I checked but couldn’t find any signs of bed bugs in the mattress, corners of the walls, bed platform, or any fecal spots or anything really.
The wife, however, has now gotten several new bites the past 2 nights, occurring in a linear row of 3 bites but only on her arms, that have begun to itch her severely.
Then, I was studying one morning in bed and noticed that a bed bug crawled up onto my pillow. It’s been about 9 months since then, and I live with my husband in a town home and I just discovered a half of a bed bug body that fell out of a blanket I had in college and that has been hanging around our couch. Since I couldn’t drive and participate in the meeting on benadryl, I had to wait til I was back home. I continue to check our mattresses, boxsprings, bed cracks and nightstands and have found nothing. I’m a little bit bug-phobic when it comes to things that crawl on me and bite – someone merely talking about head lice or fleas will have me scratching and feeling gross all day. I’ve been here just over two months, and then I am going abroad for two weeks in 14 days time, then coming back and moving abroad for a year.
Over the following few nights I noticed more and more of these bites, and they were itching like crazy.
I tried sleeping in a sleeping bag with my body fully covered, and they just attacked my face and the exposed part of my neck. I dont know if they are bed bugs or flea bites but they start off as small bites their red all around but with a whitish dot in the middle. I thought they were from aggressive mosquitoes but then when I showered I discovered a very orderly line of bites going along my hip, which lead to some research….and so now I guess I have bed bugs. Later I found another specimen that was much bigger then this one and I let my wife look at it, which was a mistake. The weather here is up and down and although it was fairly cool for a couple of days, we experienced non-stop rain and humidity all weekend. It all started about 3 weeks ago when his daughter and her cousin came and stayed at his place one night. About a week ago my son slept in my room and woke covered in bites (about 50 in a line from his ankle up his leg, side and down his arm. It does have 6 legs, and it has antennae…but I haven’t seen the probosci it would use to draw blood with.
As I type, I am fearing sending this photo (though whatever the case, my box spring is now in a bed bug blocker encasement, and my new pillow was stuffed into an encasement before it entered my room).
My guess is that these are baby bedbugs, since these bites are not too terrible, I got them 3-4 weeks after the first incident.
I didn’t know about the “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” pattern then, so I am not sure if it is bed bug bites or not.
In the first week I started getting bites all over, I thought it was mosquito bites (which seems to be quite a common miscalculation) and spent quite some time concentrating on that, hence not considering other possibilities, while getting bitten multiple times every night. They looked at me like I was crazy I mean I got tattoos, super crazy blue eyes, me and my boys all got Mohawks lol, and scabs from bites all over my legs. A person infected with bed bug bites may lead to various types of skin infections and sometimes may even cause blisters. Eradicate the bugs totally from the house using pesticide can help you to overcome bed bug bites. You just put some of your own(or someone else's if you wish) saliva on your finger and rub it directly on the bite, let it air dry and the itch is gone.
If I try to squeeze it out it swells even more and itches like crazy and gets more white stuff that refuses to go away even after two weeks or so.
Spent four days with it elevated and a rather worried Doctor put me on high strength antibiotics. But I have read online that the Tharu ethnic people of North India and Nepal have immunity to prevent Malaria and Dengue Fever. It doesn't irritate, and about 25 minutes later the swelling decreased to half of what it looked when I got it. African-Americans and anyone who is not Caucasian may experience a dark rash rather than a red rash. Bumps and swelling usually subside within five to seven days, and the level of discomfort is different for everyone. To treat a welt from bedbugs, take Benadryl and apply ice to the welts as needed to decrease swelling.
Hives must be treated professionally to quickly reduce the allergic reaction and prevent further symptoms. First, two tubes are inserted into your body, one is used to fill the area of the bite with a mixture of anti-coagulant and anesthetic while the other is used to suck up your blood.
For travelers, it’s very possible they may not appear until you are checked out of the hotel and back home. That didn’t seem to work but in the pictures, imagine it much worse as the itch was not itch but flat out pain by night time.
Also at the top, you’ll find treatment techniques used for bites along with ways in which you can wage war with these bugs and win! Now I have about 2 dozen bites, spreading from my upper calves to my lower stomach (see bedbug1).
I instantly knew at that point what it was from doing research back in January after a co-worker found out she had them and hundreds of bed bugs bites on her. He also thinks I should stop spraying the Rest Easy, that could be causing the dry skin and the other day when I sprayed in the return air vent, I did get some spray in my hair.
My daughter showed me two bite marks on her, one on her leg and one on her neck that do itch, however my husband thinks they are from laying in the grass yesterday when we were at a cookout on my Gramma’s farm.
Counter to belief, bedbugs don’t reside within the mattress, despite the fact that they might be discovered in the seams. I can check to see if there is a history with this place, and by sharing, you help others prevent receiving bed bug bites like this. I saw the same type of bug 3 months ago… The only thing is I have never been bitten & no sign of them to be anywhere!!! Its strange because the bites are only on the arms and my neck, nowhere else (legs, torso, back) even though I sleep shirtless and in shorts. They started as tiny flat pinkish-red dots that weren’t itchy, but turned into this hours later. I captured it with a piece of tape and put it in a zip lock bag and took it to the coordinator.
I mean, they really swelled up back then and were in a linear or rash like pattern on different parts of my body. As soon as I walked in the door, I took my diphenhydramine, smeared on more cream, made ice packs for my hips and bottom and tried to rest and NOT scratch. Found two more today (one live, one dead) while throwing away my bed and mattress and moving to my new place. Last week re decorated, changed my mattress, put bleach everywhere, sprayed everywhere YET they still continue to bite my legs.
They used a “cold treatment” on the items in her room, sprayed in the other two bedrooms (where we never found any bugs) and in the living room.
Also I feel like my daughters room has a nasty smell, I have a very sensitive nose and it just smells weird in her room. Only a couple of them are grouped together in what you would call a classic bedbug pattern – two bites in the same area – but they are all very itchy and annoying.
One night I just couldn’t take it, so moved onto a bed in another room, and as I was lying there, I noticed a bed bug coming towards me. I’m just really afraid of the bugs traveling with us, and yet I see it as inevitable. But then I remember a couple of days ago I discovered a bug crawling in my sheets and looking at bed bug pictures they look identical to the bug I found. Photo is of my leg, also have bites near bra strap on both sides of torso, more where the waistband of my shorts go & just noticed 2 itchy spots on the back of my hand.

I can tell you that I was traveling in Morocco for 14 days, stayed at 2 homes and 3 hotels.
The strangest thing is that, to that point, my boyfriend had not bites whatsoever, but since I’ve always seemed to attract insects and bugs of all sorts more than other people, I still thought it was mosquitoes. After a brief search on the internet I began to look for more signs of their presence and found their infamous fecal matters. They live between wooden floorboards, in furniture, in bed frames, in mattresses, or behind peeling paint. If you're unsure at all that they're caused by mosquitoes I would show them to a doctor.If they are mosquitoes, I have no clue about sweet blood. You can spit directly on it if you like and then just rub it around over the bite but put enough saliva on it to make it completely wet. There were lots of dots (bites) and they were red and very itchy but they've healed already. If it doesn't work then wash your bite area with hot water and antiseptic soap or bleaching powder.
Best method: (a) Fill a ceramic coffee mug halfway with water, (b) heat in microwave for a minute or so (don't need to boil it), (c) put a towel over the bite (so the mug doesn't contact your skin), and (d) hold the hot mug against the area of the bite for at least 1-2 minutes. I would recommend it to anybody, and with any kind of bite, regardless where you were bitten.
And so, besides taking preventive measures, you also got to be prepared to kill bed bugs immediately.
If you scratch the bite marks with dirty fingernails or utensils, your bug bites may become infected. If you experience any of the following, you may be suffering from an outbreak of bites from this pest.
Topical itch creams and lotions can be used to alleviate the itch and any pain from the swelling. Hive treatments include oatmeal bath soaks, cool damp rags, topical itch treatments, and allergy medication to help inhibit allergens. Sometimes further treatment for bed bugs, such as antibiotics or prescription topical creams, are necessary to fight infections. Not only do I get 3Just a few of my giant bug bites I got while eating dinner in the city.times as many bug bites as the average person, I generally have allergic reactions that range from swollen welts to a closing throat from a Mexican bee attack. Read to me how some people experience intense reactions like I was showing while my friend only has bite marks.
I treated my arm 3x that day with the lipocream and by morning it was 100x better with the redness and swelling way down. Upon investigating my mattress, I noticed black and yellow pebble-like debris in the round indentations of my pillow top (I suspected eggs or feces). It was a nymph because it was very tiny and transparent with a little dark spot on the bottom area. Then get a few remote readable temp probes( cheap house ones that have multiple sensor options) and then seal up your house for a few hours.
I looked it up and did a bunch of research, they look like bed bug bites, they itch, and the little rash looking bites are still here after a week.
I purchased a new bed back in September when I 1st moved & I have had them cover with plastic zipper mattress covers including my box spring since I got them! In other relevant information, we just got back from a trip to China 5 days ago, and we both had mosquito bites but these are new since we got here. I told the coordinator and showed it to him, and he said that he would send in a specialist.
After remaining seated nearly all day at a meeting, then another long car ride, I was nearly at my wits end trying to not scratch the horrible itch and went to the pharmacy for some anti-itch cream.
Because it’s summer and we sleep with our windows open, I assumed that mosquitoes had gotten through the screen and bitten me in my sleep. On my legs they have blown up so much and are now like a large hard purple lump about the size of a tablespoon. Later that day we found a bug in my room, thought it was a bed bug, and I went into action! Perhaps we were lucky and it was the only one having hitched in somehow but I wasn’t taking any chances at all!! I had many bites the first week – at least some were definitely mosquitoes – saw them happen. After that I have looked for – found and killed – at least 5 of them, but haven’t found their nest or wherever they hide.
I assume its bed bugs, but I searched my bed and sheets, and didn’t find any bugs, or eggs. They aren’t as red and swollen as they were on the day I noticed them, but they have been EXTREMELY itchy. I mean they didn’t even look at the stuff I had in the zip lock, they just were rude and said it was lint and dirt. Bedbugs sneak out to grasp human skin with their forelegs, pierce the skin, and inject anticoagulant- and anesthetic-containing saliva. When a mosquito bites, she leaves behind saliva that the body reacts to, causing a (usually) mild allergic response in the form of itchiness.
Sometimes i get them on my butt, which is really annoying when i am in public and it itches. I have never gotten over 30 mosquito bites at one time, though, so I find over 200 in one night a bit strange. Now when ever I get bitten I dab a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and push it against the bite and it seems to help the zit from getting big. Health care professionals have dubbed the successive feeding marks "breakfast, lunch and dinner." This will occur as the bugs creep along the skin's surface and feed as they swarm their host. If you suffer from the rash, cool showers, damp rags, and soaking in oatmeal may help alleviate the symptoms. The pictures were taken in the morning when I got to work and the symptoms much worse by the end of the night. When I lifted my mattress to look in the corners for bedbugs, I saw a very small 1 mm or less cigar-shaped insect scurrying in the crack (bedbug2). Put the probes under your mattress and under couches to be sure residual heat reaches these areas. I checked the beds, I checked my clothes, sheets, blankets, pillows, and even my suit case, and i found nothing.
I stopped getting the bites and I thoroughly cleaned everything in my room and washed and dried EVERYTHING in hot temperatures.
We also have a spiders everywhere, so we had thought maybe our bites were tiny spider related. Even with that, diphenhydramine, and my usual zyrtec, I woke up in the middle of the night itching so badly I couldn’t go back to sleep for an hours.
Next morning me feet are covered in bites about 50 or 60 on each foot and up around the ankles. Scram, an herbal product was discussed on a radio program a friend heard, so I ordered some, claims to be safe around pets and children and effective at killing the bugs. Tomorrow, I’ll go get mattress, box-spring and pillow covers, and order some diatomaceous earth.
I am terrified of all crawly things, I can’t even stand ants, so the thought of these creatures crawling all over my bed and body makes me squirm, and has given me a few sleepless nights, especially when I was alone.
I also found a bed bug crawling on my pillow, which made it very difficult to go back to bed. Just to somehow see if maybe I happened to get bitten by a lot of mosquitoes or something in the span of a couple of nights. I’m originally from Georgia, so have spent plenty of time outside being bitten by them haha. So last night I finally got to sleep in my room again, and had a great sleep thinking problem dealt with… now having read this site…. It was a matter of finding out what was causing it as the my skin was swollen to the point of hiding any bite markings. Last night I took the antihistamine rx he gave me and it knocked me out as its stronger than benedryl.
The beds are also covered in plastic lining and I was told it was impossible to have bed bugs. The bite series will look like a raised whip mark or a winding wound of dots on your flesh. While there is no definitive proof yet that bed bugs can transmit diseases, their bites may swell or ooze with bacterial infections if they become dirty. He took a look at my legs, which had around 20 swollen bites on them, and forced me to purchase some hydrocortisone to ease the pain.
I don’t wear long pants to bed so one might assume they could easily go for exposed skin instead. It is difficult to spot them and hence it can grow and multiply infecting people in the house.
If large portions of the skin have bites on it, this may be evidence of a serious infestation. Woke up and was sitting on the sofa when I saw what I thought to be a tick run across my shorts.
The most popular feeding locations are the face, arms and torso, but bites are not limited to these areas. During our food tour, I was bitten so severely that I yelped and was stared at by the confused tour attendees. The difference between bed bug bites and those of other insects such as mosquitos, is that, the rash from bed bugs do not go away quickly and they are far more itchy.
My mother often had toThe rug burn, about a week after it happened.explain away bruises and cuts I gave myself just out of pure clumsiness.
This may lead to infection, especially in children, since they have less control in itching the welts.
Bed Bug bites are not linked to any kind of blood-borne illnesses, and really show no health threats besides infection from scratching, but their bites can be psychologically traumatizing, since they look very bad and wake you up out of a night’s rest. Anyone that has had bed bugs has experienced the fear before going to bed, knowing they will be disturbed in the middle of the night, or right before dawn when bed bugs are most actively feeding.
However, I took my tumble onto a tightly wound hemp area rug and got myself a rug-burn so severe, that it plagued me for weeks after.
All those rivers, rocks, and other such natural hazards would threaten my safety every step of the way.
Bugs eat me alive at any chance they get – I spent an evening outside at a party to watch fireworks one night and literally came home with over FIFTY bug bites.
In China, I woke up on a saturday morning with what seemed to be a human bite in my arm, which turned purple and then green and then yellow.
I think if I stayed in a camper and just showered in Off every day I could enjoy camping for a weekend.

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