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This is even simpler, requires less work and adds the novel touch of a dash of dishwashing soap to further trap the flies. This is a very simple technique through which you can rid your home of the troublesome fruit flies.
This is a DIY project that teaches you how to make a trap that not only attracts and traps but also kills those troublesome flies. There are two projects discussed here regarding how you can put an end to your fruit flies menace.
This DIY project based on the principle that vinegar is sweet smelling something that attracts fruit flies into the container with it. The main component of this DIY project is apple cider vinegar whose taste works amazingly in attracting fruit flies. The DIY project discussed here uses vinegar and dish soap to help you get rid of fruit flies once and for all. According to this DIY project, you only need apple cider vinegar and some dishwashing soap (preferably Dawn) and you can start celebrating your victory over fruit flies.
In this DIY project, you require a paper, jar, piece of ripened fruits such as pawpaw, dish soap and apple cider vinegar to obliterate fruit flies completely. This DIY project takes a completely different approach in ridding your kitchen of fruit flies. The DIY project also relies on the principle of using the sweet smell of vinegar to attract these pesky buggers. This DIY project also advocates the use of natural solutions to keeping fruit flies at bay.

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With the coming of hot weather the flies seem to be gaining strength again as summer produce fills kitchen counters, and we're seeing a lot of readers looking for fruit fly solutions in particular. With late heat of the summer, abundant ripened stone fruit, sticky cherries, juicy tomatoes and grapes, those small fruit flies can turn into an a small plague. In the first method, you use vinegar in combination with dishwasher soap to make a fly trap that eventually attracts and kills the pesky fruit flies. It is based upon the fact that fruit flies really like smell of wine, apple cider vinegar, fruit juice and beer. Things to use for exterminating fruit flies for good include fruit juice, beer or apple cider vinegar. You need to ensure that the top of the vinegar is tight so as to stop the fruit flies from coming out once they have entered the jar. After that, you just leave in the kitchen where the population of the fruit flies is highest. You will need to pour the vinegar into a plastic bottle and then make some holes large enough for the fruit flies to enter but not to come out.
Stir the mixture up and you will realize that within moments of stirring your fruit flies will be already attracted. In this article, we show you 16 the proven practical ways to get rid of fruit flies once and for all.

Fruit flies will be attracted to the smell of the wine or vinegar and hence meet their death. Left overnight, the mixture attracts many fruit flies which you will find floating on top of the mixture.
A ripe pawpaw fruit makes your trip more interesting to flies and so you should include it at the bottom.
When you wake up the following morning, you will realize that your jar is chock-full with fruit flies. Each the DIY project has been accompanied with their links so you can know more about the procedures.
This works so well because the vinegar attracts fruit flies with the dish soap not only trapping but also killing them.
The funnel provides a small opening that only lets in the fruit flies but does not let them out.
To get more informaion, you can simply visit the websites as they have even more information. What will happen is that flies will enter the glass through the small holes and sink at the bottom.

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