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If your mulch is TOO thick it can allow the termites to bypass the barrier and get to your house.
We recently treated a house in Capalaba where the owners found live termites in the bathroom.
They went down to Bunnings and bought a proprietary termite chemical that they thought would do the job. When you understand that termites travel towards your home in tunnels in the soil, usually no more than 30cm below the ground and will eventually hit the footings of your home finding a conceal entry point.
A homeowner needs to consider the best way to apply the termite chemical around the base of the house to secure the best result. It must be applied continuously around the building, otherwise the termites will gain entry from one side under the concrete slab.

TermitesDIY colony elimination box, your affordable professional termite control for residential & commercial. Once termitesDIY box deliver to your door step in 2 to 3 business day, open bottom of termitesDIY box, sprinkle the bait inside the box with water (5-6ml) and stick it along termites mud tunnels or roadway. Do not touch the termitesDIY box for the next 21 days once you stick it up, let the termites eat and share the poisoned bait with nest mates .
Unstick termitesDIY box after 21 days, you will see many part of the bait been consume, and you do not see any termites in the box, this mean you have already success eliminating the termite colony. Note: If you found 2 or 3 termites roadway at different area of your house, get 2 or 3 termitesDIY box and stick along the different area to eliminate all colony completely in 21days. Termites within the nest, including the queen will consume the poisoned bait as food, which will result in a complete elimination of the termite colony within 21days.

While waiting for termitesDIY box within the week there will be little additional termite damage.
No, I’m talking about serious stuff like installing a chemical treatment around his home to stop termites (white ants).

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