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Many people mistakenly believe that only "dirty" people get cockroaches, but this is a myth. Because cockroaches tend to frequent garbage cans, sewers and other disease-laden locations, germs attach to their body that can transfer to food contact surfaces (utensils, plates) during the normal course of roach activities.
The standard method of treating for cockroaches has been to spray insecticides on baseboards and in cupboards, with the hope that cockroaches will crawl across the band of dried insecticide and the residue left from the application will kill them.
Cockroaches do not live behind baseboards, but live in dark, damp locations near food and water sources.
Insecticides are not 100 percent effective and, unless efforts are made to reduce food, water and harborage, populations of the prolific German cockroach are likely to rebound. Cockroaches species, including the German cockroach, have developed insecticidal resistance to many insecticides. It is possible to eradicate cockroaches, but effort and persistence must be greater than their reproductive rate. Sanitation efforts alone (eliminating food, water, harborage) may not be enough to eliminate a cockroach problem, but will reduce the population and make other control efforts work better.
The biggest improvement in controlling cockroaches in recent years is the availability of effective bait products.

By following these tips and others found in a Cockroach Control Manual written to help you deal with cockroaches, eradication is really possible. Cockroaches are natures "hitchhikers," and are often brought into your home in cardboard boxes, paper goods, or in potted plants.
Easily one of the most detested of all insects, the cockroach stems from the Blattodea order and can be broken down into six families with nearly 4,000 different species. The kinds of cockroaches that are more commonly known and most often invade homes and businesses are the German cockroach, the American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach.
The biggest cockroach problems are often in homes where there is a clutter problem because, the more stuff people have, especially in the kitchen, the more hiding places for roaches. Even though there is an extensive list of different kinds of cockroaches existing around the world, only a few varieties actually pose a nuisance to man. The German cockroach is the prominent pest of homes, restaurants, and other facilities where food is found. With the exception of the aforementioned well-known pest variety of cockroaches, there are numerous species that avoid human contact all together. It was the Cuban Cockroach (panchlora nivea) its lime green and it is actually beautiful, but, it was a roach and I feared it could invade my house as the brown roaches already did.

The most problematic kitchen pests are cockroaches, unsavory creatures that disgust nearly everyone.
This means not relying on a single strategy (like sprays), but using several types of control tactics. For example, cockroaches can hide underneath the labels of canned goods and eat the paste off the labels.
If this hasn't convinced you they are bad to live with, cockroaches also produce a powerful allergen that causes allergies and asthma.
The German cockroach requires moisture regularly, has a high reproductive rate and is small enough to live in small cracks and crevices. The American cockroach, sometimes called a waterbug, does not reproduce at the same rate as the German cockroach and is considered easier to eliminate.
An infestation in a home or business typically cannot be taken care of without the services of a professional exterminator.

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