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Ants, male and female alates, leave the nest and after the female is inseminated, the male dies. There are three simple characteristics to look for that can be used to tell the difference between a winged ant and a winged termite. Get rid of termites and ants fast with Ambassador Pest Management Services of Martin County and Palm Beach. Flying ants will have a pinched waist, whereas flying termites will have a solid, thick waist.
A secretive and persistent force of nature, termites are the source of stress and worry for many homeowners throughout the United States. Termite infestations in homes will often go undetected by homeowners for years as it is difficult to distinguish evidence of activity. Termite swarms are the #1 way that most homeowners recognize that they have a termite infestation. Mud Tubes – For subterranean termites, you can identify activity by identifying mud tubes (also called foraging tubes) that termites use for transportation from soil to cellulose material (AKA your house). You can often find termites moving over foundation walls where there is an expansion seam where they can get at the structural lumber that is resting on the top of the foundation (basement walls or crawl space walls). Sometimes you will find termites in the corner of the joists and the header boards in the substructure of a home. Termite Galleries and Damaged Wood – Another way you can identify termite activity is to examine damaged wood for termite galleries. Termite galleries are typically found on the substructure of a property such as the basement or a crawlspace. Subterranean termites (Eastern subterranean, Western subterranean, Formosan termites, Desert subterranean, etc.) originate from the soil. If the conditions allow for a termite colony to continually construct satellite colonies, termites can be found higher up in structures. If you find termites flying inside your residence, you’re likely to find them around single light source. Termite colonies can grow to the size of a football field. Eastern subterranean colonies can contain more than a million termites if food sources and moisture levels are optimal. The best way to know if you have termites is to have a professional pest control company inspect your home.
There are three main differences one can look for to tell the difference between winged termite swarmers and flying ants.
Flying ants have pinched waists where one can see where the different body segments connect. Termites will be able to stay very active in winter weather if they have infested a warm area inside a structure that is heated. If the termites are in the soil, they will dig downwards until they reach a temperature to their liking. It is thought that termites are located throughout the entirety of the United States and up through Canada. Older cities in high termite pressure states are more susceptible to termites such as New Orleans.
Termites hatch within the egg chamber in a termite colony where the termite queen lays eggs.
Worker termites have a microbe or protozoa in their stomach that breaks down any ingested cellulose into its simpler form. There have been instances where Ehrlich technicians have encountered large termite mud tubes in crawl spaces in older homes but not near the size of termite mounds found overseas. With termite control, it is always best practice to contact a professional pest control company. It’s best to hire an experienced professional who 100% can confirm your home is infested with termites and then recommend the best treatment options.
Ehrlich will recommend different types of termite control solutions depending on the species of termite infesting home.
For subterranean termites, Ehrlich offers a conventional service (controlling termites with liquid termiticide) and a baiting service.
Conventional Treatment – a treatment of liquid termiticide will be applied to the soil down to the footer depth around the entire perimeter of the structure.
Termite Baiting – the placement of bait stations in the soil around the foundation of a home. Liquid termiticide – An application of liquid termiticide will exterminate an infestation of subterranean termites by disrupting the normal function of their central nervous systems.
Termite Baiting – A termite baiting system can also get rid of subterranean termites in your home by creating a barrier of protection around your home.
Spot Termite Treatment is another treatment option for drywood termites which include the application of liquid termiticides directly to the areas in the home where termites have been identified.

In terms of pest-related issues in a home, termite control is one of the more costly services. When 8-10 years have passed since your home’s initial termite treatment, you should strongly consider additional treatments. Termite baiting is a much greener treatment option than the use of liquid termiticides as it uses fewer chemicals in and around your home. Naturally-occurring materials called borates are sometimes used for preventative purposes as a pre-treatment termite service.
Termites like all insects need certain things to survive – a food source and moisture. There are some tactics you can employ to make your home less conducive to a termite infestation.
I can’t say anything else but thank you very much for the comprehensive information about termites.
As Your Local Pest Control Experts, Ehrlich has been providing expert pest control services to homeowners and businesses since 1928. Firsrt of all, the winged ant has an elbowed attenae that comes out down from the head and then goes up, creating a shape similar to the W letter.
The term alate simply means adult., sexually mature stage in the ant or termite life cycle. A termite swarm is when the reproductives from an existing colony will fly out to look for a new suitable place to mate and create a new colony. If you have termites, or if you are still unsure, we recommend that you contact us immediately for a free consultation.
We at Ehrlich Pest Control regularly receive calls from panicked customers worried their homes are being taken over by termites.
Termites will hide in walls or in crawl spaces or in other inaccessible areas within a home. The primary thing that people need to keep in mind is that many times to find evidence of activity you really need to conduct a thorough termite inspection.
If you examine the structure’s header board and floor joists that rest upon the foundation wall, you may be able to identify the gallery. Termites are not the only pest that can damage wood and it is crucial to correctly identify the pest so the best treatment plan can be prescribed to fix the problem.
You can find piles of fecal pellets near any drywood termite kick-out holes as they try to push the waste out of the colony. In states like California and Florida, drywood termites are just as prevalent as subterranean termites. For example, Ehrlich technicians in the field have found termites as high as the fifth floor of a building.
Termite swarmers have wings that they use to fly and mate with kings or queens so that can form new colonies. They are not very strong flyers at that. The termite colonies contain chambers are connected by a network of foraging and travel tubes.
Soldier termites do have pincers and if one got close enough it’s possible that a person could be bitten. You should have your home inspected for termites on a regular basis especially if you live in areas with heavy termite pressures (California, Eastern Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc.). The earlier you detect termites, the less potential damage to your home’s structural lumber they can inflict.
Insurance policies often view termite damage as preventable and therefore will not cover any expenses a homeowner has in relation to termite damage. It’s common for termites to infest wood that is moist so the smell of wet and rotting wood is often associated with termites. That being said, there are certain parts of the country where termites are not very active and not as big of a threat to homeowners compared to high pressure areas. Even Boston, which is located in a moderate termite pressure area, experiences regular termite-related issues because of the city’s many old wooden buildings. Worker termites will then use this simpler form of cellulose to feed the rest of the colony. Ehrlich’s termite baiting and monitoring service also includes the use of above-ground baiting stations that are placed near areas in the home where termite activity has been identified. However, fumigation is not effective if your home is infested by subterranean termites because a fumigation service will not penetrate the soil and reach the underground subterranean termite nest.
While the fumigation of a home will require a family to leave the home for a few days, it is a highly effective treatment method that will destroy any presence of termite presence on your property.
The price of termite treatment can vary depending on which treatment method is employed, the size of the structure and severity of the infestation.
A baiting and monitoring service will typically last 7-8 years if the system is maintained regularly.

We encourage our customers to keep their termite warranty to protect them from future infestations. If drywood termites have infested your furniture, fumigation is the most effective treatment option.
Ehrlich can provide your home with a “pre-active” precautionary treatment of liquid termiticides or baiting stations to stop problems with termites before they start. Sean and team make sure that Wood-Destroying Organism services are performed above and beyond the label and provide Rentokil colleagues with training and legislative guidance. Ehrlich provides both residential and commercial pest control through a network of 40 plus community based offices.
Afederal Exterminating has personally seen many of our clients confuse the winged ant for a winged termite.
With one call you will experience the benefits of our 25 years of superior service in Pest Control, Lawn and Ornamental, Residential Wild Animal Removal for your Residential, Commercial or Equestrian Facility.
You can try to spot-eliminate an ant infestation, but nothing’s going to be effective unless you find the colonies and nests where the critters live. It is estimated that termites do about $2 billion worth of damage annually, doing more damage than fires, floods, and storms combined. Since many of our residential homes are constructed of conventional lumber, they can become primary feeding sources for termites. Formosan termites, in particular, will create carton nests in wall voids – meaning they will actually construct a nest out of mud and dirt and fecal matter inside a wall. They fly well enough to get up in the air, mate and find new wood sources where they can build new colonies. Termite soldiers primarily use their pincers to ward off other insects like carpenter ants. Therefore, any termite damage your home incurs you will likely be financially responsible for. If wood is soaked for a period of time, it will start to grow fungus and mold which gives off an odor. Termites become less active during the fall and winter months in areas that experience cold winter weather and the ground freezes.
They may become less active and hide out until the weather warms up but never do they disappear entirely. Termites, if left untreated or treated improperly, can threaten the structural stability of your home and result in extensive repair costs.
By keeping a regular termite service, you can avoid those huge costs and inconvenience of repairing the damage. For new structures, a pre-treatment can be applied to the soil during the construction process to protect the building from the threat of termites. I have a few wooden antique chairs that have been handed down to me from my uncle after he passed away.
Feel free to also see our ant and termite page for more info and to familiarize yourself with these two insects. When warm temperatures, bright sunlight and low winds give proper cues to the alates they will leave the colony and fly away to start their own colonies. For these reasons, it is extra important for you to be able to identify termites in your home, and to be able to differentiate between termites and flying ants. In areas where drywoods are prevalent, you will often find them infesting attics, ceiling joists, roof rafters, on the wooden exteriors of homes, wood posts, wood fascia boards, exposed rafter tails and other wooden structures in and around a home. The color of drywood termite pellets can vary depending on the type of wood they are infesting on. If termites are in areas where the temperature stays around 65 °F or above, they can stay very active year round. We realize that termite control is an expensive service which is why we provide flexibility for payment. The less excess moisture in your home, the less susceptible to termite problems the structure will be. Lastly the front wings of the ant are longer then the back wings, while the termite’s wings are exactly the same in size.
When the alates leave from a colony it is called a dispersal or nuptial flight and is commonly referred to as swarming, so alates are often referred to as swarmers. The success rate of termite swarmers forming new colonies is not very high but the swarms contain enough insects that the species continues to flourish.
As termites enter into dry wood, they will bring mud with them to keep proper moisture levels while they’re gallering away and feeding on the cellulose material.

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