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Ants, male and female alates, leave the nest and after the female is inseminated, the male dies. There are three simple characteristics to look for that can be used to tell the difference between a winged ant and a winged termite.
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The term alate simply means adult., sexually mature stage in the ant or termite life cycle. With one call you will experience the benefits of our 25 years of superior service in Pest Control, Lawn and Ornamental, Residential Wild Animal Removal for your Residential, Commercial or Equestrian Facility. When warm temperatures, bright sunlight and low winds give proper cues to the alates they will leave the colony and fly away to start their own colonies.

When the alates leave from a colony it is called a dispersal or nuptial flight and is commonly referred to as swarming, so alates are often referred to as swarmers.

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