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I have seen extreme reactions to bed bug bites too, like large rashes, inflammation and discomfort. If you think you have noticed bed bug bites or are suspicious you have bed bugs then it should be dealt with quickly to prevent the bed bugs from spreading and the infestation of bed bugs from getting worse. In this post we will look at what type of bed bug control treatments we offer and what you can expect from Bed Bugs London.
If you are experiencing an infestation of bed bugs then you are more than likely very stressed and concerned not to mention most likely tired!
Our bed bug control treatments in London are available to tenants, landlords, letting agents, hostels and hotels and we provide bed bug control to these weekly. Bed Bugs London will take you through room preparation step by step before any Bed bug control treatments are carried out as Room Preparation is a key part of bed bug control.
Upon contacting Bed bugs London you will discuss how long you have had the bed bugs, if you have any idea how you got them and other key points and also be taken through the bed bug control treatment process.
Bed bugs are easily spread so it is vitally important that you take care when preparing for a bed bug treatment not to spread them to other areas of the house on items you move. Bed bugs London have been providing bed bug control treatments in London for over a decade.
Thank you for reading and please do read the other posts about why do people get bed bugs, bed bugs eggs and bed bug advice. Wherever you live in London or Kent or Essex, we can provide you with bed bug removal treatments and support from start to finish.
If you need bed bug control London you are going to not only need a good bed bugs company but also the correct information on Room Preparation. We have over 10 years experience of carrying out bed bug control London and this knowledge and having dealt with all levels of infestations is invaluable. So if you need bed bug control London get in touch today and have the treatment done right first time.
As the holiday season gets closer people are planning their holidays, family and friends are making arrangements to travel and visit each other and so bed bugs will once again start their never ending journey around the world!
So if you are one of those people planning a trip somewhere or even having people visit yourself then try to make sure you know the signs of bed bugs so to prevent picking them up. I should imagine most people reading this Bed Bugs London blog will be in contact with me for advice at some point or perhaps one of my bed bug treatments in 2015 if you are already here.
If you do need further bed bug advice, or bed bug control in London then feel free to contact me.
Do not take old items home that you find outside someones house, usually that is a sign of bedbugs. Do not leave a bed bug issue any longer than needed, they can reproduce and overrun a property quickly.
Welcome to Bed Bugs London, an informative blog aimed at providing useful information on bed bugs, bed bug treatments and room preparation among other things.
This post, Bed Bug Spray Treatment is an insight into having bed bug control in your home by method of a spray treatment. Done correctly a bed bug spray treatment can be the most effective method of bed bug control in London. An effective bed bug spray treatment will include treatment of beds, mattresses, furniture such as bedside units, wardrobes and the such like as well as sofas and floors and so on.
After you have had a bed bug spray treatment there will be a period of time when you cannot re enter the treated rooms, typically for between 3-6 hours and then you will be advised of what cleaning is required. Bed bugs can infest every area of a property, curtains, sofas, cracks and crevices, furniture, clothing, the back of pictures on a wall or books and personal items.
Throughout this blog, Bed Bugs London, you will find posts on many useful things from bed bug control London, room preparation and frequently asked bed bug questions. Thank you for visiting our Bed Bugs London blog for advice on bed bug control and treatments. The correct room preparation prior to a bed bug treatment is key to a successful treatment. Any toys and teddies or kids items cannot be in the vicinity of any bed bug control treatment or insecticide that is to be used.

Before your bed bug treatment is carried out you will be informed of what is to be done but this rough guide will help you prepare the rooms. Our services, such as inspections or Bed bug control London always start with a discussion.
There are many ways you can bring bed bugs into your home and if we can find the cause it is always helpful especially when looking for eggs.
If you need bed bug control London the first thing you have more than likely noticed is that there are many companies offering this service.
Before any bed bug treatment can be carried out there will be a certain amount of preparation you are required to carry out. If not quickly removed, a few bed bugs can turn into an infestation that will be significantly more difficult to control. At Prokill Warrington, we have seen the implications of a bed bug infestation in a commercial setting, and we are responsive and always act fast and– ours is a local service and we always aim to provide a same day response or within 24 hours. To prevent further bed bug infestations, we offer pest prevention contracts which we tailor to your particular pest control requirements – either to provide ongoing monitoring for bed bug activity or to control a number of other pest insects, birds, rodents or wildlife.
Bed bug adults are reddish-brown, oval, flattened insects from 4 to 5 mm long and 1.5 to 3 mm wide before feeding.
Protectahome Pest Control takes the first step to dealing with bed bugs by locating all of their hiding places. Bed bugs are parasitic insects, they are a small, flat and oval shaped and of a reddish-brown color. Bed bugs hide in crevices within furniture, not just beds, they are known to also hide behind skirting boards, floor boards, behind lose wall-paper etc. Bed bugs may be introduced from second-hand beds or furniture, or from personal possessions and clothing. Bed bugs DO NOT spread diseases, if left untreated bed bugs will quickly spread from room to room. If you are moving into a new home, check for signs of bed bug infestation; avoid second hand bedroom furniture unless you have good knowledge of where it has come from. Dry cleaning will also have the same effects, if none of these options are available you can place clothing in a bag in a deep freezer for at least 3 days, bed bugs can not survive in temperatures any lower than -32°C but most freezers do not go this cold.
Clusters of dark spots, approximately mm in diameter typically on the bed frame or around the edges of the mattress.
Finding small brownish insects on the mattress, headboard or on nearby bedroom furniture and on walls near the bed. When dealing with these hardy pests it is important you gain professional help and advice as thorough searching and investigation is required.
If you would like further advice on bed bug bites, bed bug treatments in London then please do contact us for more details. The first thing I will say is that most bed bug infestations are not usually as bad as people think and if dealt with quickly then they can be eradicated fast without further issues. Our expertise and vast knowledge of bed bugs is priceless and our many reviews and reputation is testament to how effective our bed bug control treatments in London are. Things such as how to deal with clothing, how the treatment is carried out and how long each treatment takes as well as cleaning after the treatment. Again, bed bugs London will take you through all this before any bed bug control treatments are completed.
If you are suffering from an infestation of bed bugs it probably isn't as bad as you think it is and often easily eradicated if you deal with the issue fast. When selecting a bed bug control company you should not only focus on cost but experience, reviews, how they are to communicate with and the support on offer from start to total bed bug eradication. We will treat all items in the infested area and our treatments are detailed and in depth, It takes as long as it take per visit to ensure that the bed bugs are removed. I have started to see a little increase in calls already for bed bug treatments in 2015 and if last year is anything to go by it will a busy year and probably worse than 2014, as that was of 2013.
You can find good posts on the signs of bed bugs if your scroll through the blog, what to look for and what not. There are alternative treatments, such as a bed bug heat treatment that is more common in America but this is more difficult in the UK due to how properties are set out in neighborhoods as opposed to in America where properties tend to me more stand alone homes.

With this method a good bed bug technician will request that all furniture be empty so that draws can be removed and sprayed as well as beds lifted and wardrobes pulled out and treated. Should you wish for more information on our bed bug control London, inspections or other services contact me. If you are about to have a bed bug treatment carried out, then this post, Room Preparation is for you.
Any bed bug control treatments being carried out requires certain things to be done beforehand. Hopefully this blog will be of use to you in learning about bed bugs, bed bug treatments in London we offer and other useful posts.
We like to see if it is clear as to how you got bed bugs and speak to you about your property and preparation.
We like to think that we are supportive, informative and leave no stone unturned when carrying out bed bug removal in homes. Things such as clothing, furniture and the condition that the room if required to be in for us to carry out an effective bed bug treatment. We see all levels of bed bug infestations and if you act as soon as you notice signs of bed bugs then it can be prevented from becoming a heavy infestation by allowing them time in your home to breed. This post, frequently asked questions, may answer some of the questions you have about bed bugs or help you understand bed bugs better. Females lay up 150 eggs taking anywhere between 10 to 20 days to hatch, whilst the young can mature within just nine weeks and the life cycle repeats. Kick bed bugs out of your bed by following the advice in this free video on simple home solutions. All furniture, fittings, soft furnishings and even crevices in wallpaper must be inspected carefully, even to the point of dismantling beds etc for easier inspection and possible treatment.
Bed bugs feed on warm blooded animals; they are not strictly nocturnal but are active mainly at night.
Bed bugs are more commonly found within multi-occupancy buildings with a rapid resident turnover, for example hotels, hostels, holiday camps and blocks of flats, with increased travel bed bugs are on the rise with them moving from country to country. Once they have found a host they will inject saliva to cause swelling and irritation, this also works to antiseptic to numb the area leaving the bugs to go unnoticed. In all my years of carrying out bed bug control in London I can tell you things are rarely as bad as they seem. You may not agree with everything I write but it is what I see, do and have experienced in all my years in bed bug control. Prokill Warrington carries out bed bug pest control within the hospitality sector and domestic properties in Altrincham, Newton Le Willows, St Helens, Lymm, Haydock, Frodsham, Wigan, Widnes and Runcorn. Calling in your local pest control experts is thus crucial and dealing with this problem requires prompt action. You are more likely to know bed bugs are present when you or your guests are bitten or when you notice the appearance of tiny blood spots on the bedding. Give us a call; all our technicians are specialist trained in fumigation services designed to eradicate bed bugs. Typically a bed bug will feed for between 5 to 6 minutes and then return to their nesting areas. Bed bugs hate heat, if they are there and you leave the heat up for a while they will crawl.
Unless you have already tried various d.i.y bed bug treatments such as smoke you buy online, in which case you have probably already made the infestation worse by spreading it and making things that little more challenging for myself! Bedbugs, though not strictly nocturnal, are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts. Bites will the host with red irritation spots, people react differently to bites and some may end up with severe skin reactions and rashes. Adults often survive up to 2 months without food, but under certain circumstances can live a year or more without feeding.

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