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They are a natural and effective alternative to chemical pesticides, and have no detrimental affect on non-target species such as ladybugs, earth worms and other helpful garden insects.Finally, there is no evidence that parasitic nematodes or their symbiotic bacteria can develop in vertebrates. Target pests include: Fleas, Dog and cat flea larvae, Codling Moth, Cutworm, Armyworm, Leafminer, Bluegrass billbugs, termites, ants, Sod Webworm, Mole Cricket, some caterpillar pests, Billbug, Flies, ArmyWorms, Loopers, European Crane Fly, Cranberry Girdler and many other surface dwellers. Crickets are somewhat grasshoppers and more closely related to katydids or bush crickets (family Tettigoniidae). Crickets are omnivores and scavengers feeding on organic materials, as well as decaying plant material, fungi, and some seedling plants.

Crickets are popular as a live food source for carnivorous pets like frogs, lizards, salamanders, and spiders.
Crickets also have been known to eat their own dead when there is no other source of food available. Feeding crickets with nutritious food in order to pass the nutrition onto animals that eat them is known as gut loading. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ruled that nematodes are exempt from registration because they occur naturally and require no genetic modification by man.

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