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Yesterday I published an article titled 14 Reasons Ticks Are The Worst and in it I promised that I would share the results of my complete melt down in my adventure to eradicate the tick threat from my home and yard. Luckily for me, I have been preaching the dangers of neurotoxins for long enough that my family understands how much I don’t want to use them. One of the reasons I appreciate our local farm store ( is that they have an abundance of options – there are plenty of organic, chemical-free (or chemical-limited) products. The Smarter Living site from the Natural Resources Defense Council has a good explanation of the risks and benefits of this product.
Ticks can be eradicated from clothes worn outdoors, pet bedding, etc by first putting them in the DRYER on high for at least 15 minutes (10 if using a gas dryer). When you’re outside, tuck your pants into your socks so ticks will have to climb up the outside of your clothes first. Institute daily tick checks for yourself, your kids, your pets, and anyone else you care about.
After coming inside and putting your clothes in the dryer, take a shower to wash of any unattached ticks.
Although Sevin products are recommended by some Master Gardener programs, they are very dangerous neurotoxins that should be avoided. Just Joanna makes sense of healthy living, data science, and book selections for busy people. Sign up for the newsletter for more encouragement, tips and tricks, and entertainment. Thanks so much for the honest info on all less toxic and more toxic options you tried, Joanna!
Acaricides: This is a pesticide that kills ticks and can only be used by a licensed professional. Ticks become infected with diseases when they feed on diseased hosts, and the tick can then pass the disease on to other hosts. When spending time in any areas where ticks might be present, wear long pants and long sleeves, if possible, and tuck your pant cuffs into your socks to prevent ticks from clinging to and getting under pants or socks. Stay close to the center of paths and hiking trails to avoid brushing against foliage containing ticks. Tick checks are the most important thing you can do after spending time in brushy or wooded areas.
If you do find an embedded tick on your body, use tweezers to grasp it tightly by the head and pull it straight out. Protecting yourself from ticks when hiking or camping is one thing, but thinking of ticks when relaxing in your backyard is another. Keep bushes, shrubs, and tall grasses away from patios, play areas, and any other frequently used areas in your yard since this is where ticks wait for hosts.
Regularly clean up any lawn debris, such as piles of brush and leaves, since they can provide shelter for potential tick host animals. Pay special attention to the edges of your property, especially if you live near wooded or highly vegetated areas. Alternatively, you can create a barrier with woodchips, gravel, or other materials on the edges of your property. Deer are common carriers of diseases that infect ticks, so limiting and controlling deer can also help reduce ticks in your area.
Using chemical treatments in combination with landscape management can make your property virtually tick free, as well as cutting back on other bothersome insects.
There are a wealth of professional grade tick control products available to homeowners, from traditional barrier sprays to long lasting repellents, to allow you to find the product you need. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. You could try deer repellent products (which are safe for animals) around the perimeter of your yard or planting plants deer love around the perimeter of your yard, which might encourage them to stay on the edge of your hard. However, since you are in a wooded area and deer are plentiful, the ticks will probably be lurking about anyways. Thank you for the information I think I will plant the plants near the back of my yard, more closer to the wood like a good distant away from my house and gardening area. If we had money a indoor patio with lot of window would be nice to look at the outdoor I wish I could send a photo of my backyard it like nature in a smaller scale. Bifenthrin and permethrin do not leach through soil; these chemicals are degraded by soil microorganisms within the top 4 cm of the soil surface. Your donation to TickEncounter Resource Center helps support tick-bite prevention tools and tick-borne disease research. is a leading national health promotion resource center promoting tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action.
Fleas and ticks feed on warm-blooded animals, including humans, domestic and wild animals, and birds.
4Add various landscape elements, in addition to applying natural products, to further repel fleas and ticks in your yard.
5Keep your grass cut short and your lawn free of debris piles to help reduce the tick population.

6Spray chemical insecticides specifically formulated for ticks and fleas over the infested area if none of the other methods work. After treating your yard, treat your pets and the interior of your home with an appropriate product. The first people that I knew who cared about the presence of chemicals in products (in food, environment, pets, etc) were farmers and other country folk.
The little buggers are adept at lying in wait (their predatory method of questing still freaks me right out), and this powder can be used to kill them when you can’t see them.
Make sure to pay attention to the hard to reach areas (like your hair) because ticks climb up to feed in areas where they will be less likely to be found. Yes, ticks also use birds as hosts, but poultry are able to help cut down the tick population because they eat them. As a result, we need to be more aware of the dangers ticks represent, more vigilant in protecting ourselves from them, and educating our children on ways to prevent tick exposure. While you still need to do the daily tick checks, there are a couple of options to help control the tick population in your backyard without using harsh chemicals. The idea is to drag a piece of light-colored flannel cloth across vegetation where ticks may be waiting for a host.
Taking the time to write these two articles on The Great Tick Menace has helped me to move past the anxiety and panic that I’ve been experiencing. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, socializing, and constantly struggles to find new and better ways to manage the home. They are hard choices, and you really want to make sure the chickies are safe too so they’ll be able to minimize the population later on! Ticks are often brought in the home by the family pet or on clothes worn through heavily wooded areas. This means it is crucial to know where you can expect to encounter ticks, how to protect yourself from tick bites, and how to control ticks in your yard. Research has shown that a tick usually need to remain attached to the host for 24 hours or more to pass on a disease, so it’s important to detect and remove ticks as soon as possible. DEET, the most powerful repellent, works well against ticks, but in high concentrations of DEET can irritate skin and it cannot be used on young children. Since tick bites are rarely felt, it can be hard to know if ticks have latched onto your skin. The head of the tick has the potential to pass on disease, so make sure to remove it with the rest of the tick. Instead, managing your yard and landscape to make the environment unsuitable for ticks can control populations and discourage ticks in your area. The host animal passes the disease to the ticks, so keeping wildlife out of your yard will cut back on infected ticks. Always check pets for ticks every day if they spend time outdoors, and consider using a tick treatment especially in spring and summer.
She mostly writes about gardening, and really enjoys teaching people how to interact with their surroundings in a safe and sustainable way. No problem they keep to themselves but ticks do frighten me, because I love outdoor and gardening is my joy.
Using a tick repellent, wearing appropriate attire, and doing thorough tick checks every time you enjoy your yard should keep you safe from any tick diseases. Every Christmas we hang red apples on a very large tree branch that was knock down by the wind. Mice like to live in stonewalls, around sheds, woodpiles or any enclosed area they can get into.
Our goal is to allow URI Alumni to stand up and be counted against the spread of tick-borne disease. Similar synthetics have been developed such as permethrin that is a known tick killer and the neurotoxin found in most of the more toxic insecticides. Or, in my case, to make sure that every square inch of surface is touched with something to make the Tick Menace less frightening. It’s labeled as being safe for use around vegetables, but it is also made by a company that has no qualms about partnering with Monsanto and donated money to block the labeling of GMOs in food products. Ticks will attach themselves to the cloth and then can be killed by placing the cloth in soapy water. Having these safer products on hand and a plan of how to prevent ticks and control their population in and around my home gives me the confidence that should they reemerge, I will be equipped to handle the situation. I think the yard options would be the best for you – and the dry ice would be fun as a science experiment too! But then again, I guess they’re already hanging out waiting for the dinner bell anyway. However, there are some important steps you can take to minimize your exposure to ticks in your yard. Ticks carry and transmit dangerous diseases, like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Instead, they hang out on shrubs, bushes, and tall grass waiting for hosts to brush against the vegetation so the tick can hitch a ride. If she’s not outside, she’s in the kitchen, developing recipes to share with family and friends. If you have a large property or yard, though, installing a fence can quickly become very expensive. I guess the deers or some other outdoor animal enjoy the treat because they were gone after 2 days.
We hang out dried corn on the cobs, also peanut for the chipmunk and cats treats that roam the wood area, since I have a large wood area and I mean huge. Lot of Berries trees we thought the last owner loved birds because of all the berries tree. Both fleas and ticks can be a major problem for pet owners, causing tremendous discomfort for pets and people. Diatomaceous earth comes from the ground-up remains of fresh- and saltwater diatoms, a type of algae. Follow the manufacturer's directions, and use safety precautions when applying chemical-based products.
When I came home with my bounty of neurotoxins (and some less toxic options), my husband talked me off the ledge and suggested that we FIRST try the less toxic options and save the neurotoxins as a last resort.
Family Farm and Home is my local farm store, they are a family owned and operated business based in Michigan with 29 stores in Michigan and two here in Indiana. Other products will have Pytherins (the naturally occurring chemical in mum flowers) in combination with other chemicals that boost the toxicisty of the pytherins. To use this product, you sprinkle it on your carpet (or other fabrics), brush it lightly with the broom to get it deep in the carpet and in the hiding places of the furniture, and vacuum up the visible powder (they recommend waiting at least 60 minutes and up to 24 hours before vacuuming).
I wouldn’t be spreading this around outside where it could affect beneficial insects, but I feel that using it in the house to deal any potential ticks is a safer alternative. You will probably still have to peel me off the ceiling if I see engorged ticks or tick eggs, but I’m getting a step closer to desensitizing myself from their horrid presence. Also, a gravel, mulch, or wood chip barrier between any nearby woods and your lawn can keep ticks from migrating to your yard.
I do keep all the animals food far away from our home, I just enjoy the outdoor life of seeming them at a distant. Controlling fleas and ticks in your yard before treating pets helps reduce the chance that the pests will become a major problem. While we both know the dangers of the toxic chemicals, we agreed that there comes a time when you are desperate enough to do anything. While the pytherins are less toxic to humans, they do not differentiate between insects and will kill beneficial pests (like honeybees) in addition to the ticks. The company advises if you’re putting it on upholstery to immediately empty the vacuum after sweeping it, wrap the contents in several layers of newspaper, and then throw away.
Every day after that, she applied to his whole body and hasn’t seen another tick – and that was while at a summer camp!
Use caution when doing a tick drag, as the person doing the drag is at risk for being bitten by a tick.
I hope that these articles are helpful for readers as well, even if only to creep someone else out. Several nontoxic controls are available as well as commercial products for flea and tick eradication.
Avoiding neurotoxins has a widespread effect – on your immediate vegetation, pets, family, the eco-system, the water supply, future generations, etc. Wear a dust mask when applying, and allow the dust to settle for a few hours before allowing pets and small children on the lawn.
They are also not fond of rosemary, which thrives in USDA plant hardiness zones 7 through 10.
Most of the chemicals used to eradicate ticks have horrible, awful, nasty side effects for people and pets.
Lowering or eliminating our usage of these deadly chemicals can  help for years and there are still ways to kill, prevent, and control parasites without harming our world. Be sure to check leg creases, areas covered in hair, armpits, and even the belly button area. Cedar chips along fence lines will also repel fleas and ticks, and work great in small areas or dog runs. Be sure to use a tick repellent on your animals, whether they are indoor or outdoor animals. If ticks are becoming a problem for you and your family, give us at Ransford Pest Control a call.

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