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Cy-kick CS liquid concentrate insecticide provides 90 days of full-throttle killing power, controlling insects indoors and outdoors. Cy-Kick CS can be used inside as a crack and crevice treatment or outside as a perimeter treatment for listed pests, for localized treatment of wood-destroying insects, for outdoor mosquito control, and for yellow jacket baiting outdoors.
Purchased this order back in Sept for my Aunt,s house mainly outdoor used along with IGR and not 1 problem with ants, fleas , roaches etc.

With a broad spectrum label including spiders, ants, mosquitoes, bees, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, bed bugs, silverfish, ticks, wasps, wood infesting borers and more, you don’t have to pick and choose between different insecticides for different pests.
For best results, allow 24 hours after outdoor application before expected rainfall or watering.
Cy-Kick CS can be used as a residual treatment to control pests in outdoor void areas such as meter boxes and manholes.

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