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In addition to being very annoying to cattle, face flies vector Moraxella bovis, the principal causal agent of bovine pinkeye or infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis. The effect of stable flies on weight gain performance of pastured cattle is similar to that of livestock in confined operations. The only management option available for control of stable flies on range cattle is use of animal sprays. Horn flies, face flies and even stable flies have been observed on grazing animals recently. The animal pictured at right has 314 horn flies and population numbers of several thousand of flies can often be observed during the summer.
Although pour-ons will control flies for short periods, the stress in cattle in using this method may offset the benefits of the fly control.

The insecticide ear tag was first developed in the early 1980s, and worked very well against horn flies. However within a few years, horn flies developed resistance to synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. Adult female face flies typically cluster around the animals' eyes, mouth, and muzzle, causing extreme annoyance. The economic threshold of five flies per leg is easily exceeded in Nebraska pasture conditions. Because face flies are on animals for only short time periods they are difficult to control. Nebraska studies demonstrated calf weaning weights were 10 to 20 pound higher when horn flies were controlled on cows.

While the source of early season flies is not well understood some probably develop from overwintering maggots. Observations made later in the day are less accurate because the flies will have moved to the belly where it is cooler and where they are harder to count.
Other early season flies may be migrants from southern locations but definitive evidence of migration is lacking.
If the average number horn flies per animal exceeds 200 (Figure 2), the economic threshold has been exceeded and control should be considered.

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