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Sanitation controls houseflies and stable flies but has little effect on horn and face flies. Stable and horn flies bite, and even houseflies can swarm the faces of animals and cause distress. Livestock entomologists Ralph Williams of Purdue University and Wes Watson of North Carolina State University often field questions about the best ways to control flies. These biting flies are smaller than stable flies, but they have the potential to cause even more discomfort.

These flies resemble houseflies but tend to feed on the nasal secretions and tears of animals such as cattle, horses, and sheep. Both houseflies and stable flies thrive in places where livestock manure and urine are present along with decaying organic matter such as spoiled feed and soiled straw.
Since control strategies differ by fly species, they say the first step is to figure out what kinds of flies are causing you the most trouble.
You usually see these flies feeding on the lower legs, causing animals to stamp their feet.

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