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To manage a vole infestation, you should first modify your garden to protect your plants, then if necessary take steps to reduce the vole population.
Create Buffer Zones: Since voles tend to avoid open spaces, incorporate a plowed or graveled buffer strip at least 4’ wide (preferably 15’ or more) around vegetable gardens and orchards. Till Garden: Plowing or tilling reduces cover vegetation that harbors rodents including voles.
However, not every vole is willing to make that agreement, and an overpopulation of the critters can wreak havoc on yards and gardens. Predators probably won’t eliminate the vole population, but natural predation can help keep it under control.

This has worked well for me as, bordering fields my garden is overrun with mice and they eat leaves, stems,flowers of Phlox, Echinacea, Rudbeckia, etc. I am not sure if it is alive or dead as I got the fright of my life and the pot is still in the middle of my garden .Such a coward. I have a very lush, shrub, tree, flower filled garden and the only thing I have noticed are some of the pansy flowers totally disappearing, which I put down to slugs as I don’t use pesticides. I have three malamute dogs with very high prey drive, one which caught and ate a vole the other night, also two terriers and never dreamed a mammal like this would find my garden a sanctuary. Remember: this includes your any pet food as well!Finally, if you’ve got room in you heart and garden alike, get a cat.

It only takes a few concerned individuals to keep mice away, so fight office indifference before it results in rodent infestation.Mice vs Your CarThe case of a car infestation is where mice truly reveal their hell-raising potential.

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