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A small number of ants may not appear to be a problem, but since ants leave a trail for each other to follow once they find a source of food, the whole colony will soon know about it and arrive on your doorsteps for the feast. Ants infestation in the house, or especially in the kitchen can be difficult to treat with over the counter products.
Ant infestation management requires diligent efforts and the combined use of mechanical, cultural, sanitation, and often chemical control methods. OnguardPestControl are ants removal specialists and we can usually get rid of ants in your house in a single visit.

Over the counter sprays are ineffective, since they only treat the surface and kill the few ants that happen to walk there.
We use a highly effective spray the ants find hard to resist, so they carry the particles back to their nest killing the entire colony.
As soon as you find ants in your home or business, see if you can find where they are getting in and, if possible, block up the hole or crevice with filler. These are the scout ants checking out your kitchen for potential food sources and their job will be to return back to the nest to inform the other ants about their find.

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