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The bite of the mature female, as in almost all spiders, is more potent than that of the male.
The brown recluse spider is medium-sized with a light brownish or tawny body and dark brown legs.
The adults and immatures can be found at all seasons of the year in almost any situation where protection, food, and dryness are adequate, but that mating takes place most commonly in June and July.
They spin a large, irregular web with thick, quite sticky threads and place it in some dark situation where the spider remains, using the web both as a retreat and a snare.
The spiders are not aggressive, and like almost all other spiders, they do not attack people. The systemic bite of the widow spiders (Latrodectus spp.) produces serious and immediate reactions.

Accidental bites are suffered most often when the victims are in bed or are putting on clothing in the morning and in the process press against spiders which have taken refuge there. In a few persons, the venom of the brown recluse spider has caused the destruction of many red blood cells, a very serious complication, signaled by the appearance of bloody or dark-colored urine, according to Gorham (1970). On many occasions specimens have been inadvertently brought into Florida in trucks and automobiles, hidden in luggage, boxes, and various commercial cargoes, but to date it appears to have been unsuccessful in establishing breeding populations in Florida. In the southern parts of their range they occur commonly outdoors in protected places such as in caves and under rocks, ledges, loose bark, and piles of discarded articles such as old tires and inner tubes, furniture, and various pieces of "junk." they have been found most often in and about houses and other man-made shelters such as bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, cellars, basements, smokehouses, barns, and in any kind of seldom-disturbed storage space in houses and outbuildings.
Some victims may not even feel the actual bite, but within a few hours the bitten part usually becomes swollen and painful, and blisters may form on the skin around the bite. An even more venomous species, the South American brown spider, Loxosceles laeta (Nicolet), has been introduced into parts of the United States, including California and Massachusetts, but no established colonies of this species are yet known to occur in the southeastern United States.

Areas where they may be common include empty boxes, piles of stored papers, in folds of seldom-used clothing hanging in storage areas, behind pictures, and behind old boards leaning against walls. The degree of infestation of these spiders often is in ratio to the neatness and cleanliness of the property owner, so an occasional thorough house cleaning provides the best protection against them. The skin at the bite site begins to turn purple, and eventually becomes black and dry as the cells die. Due to of their color and general shape, males of the southern house spider, Kukulcania hibernalis Hentz, are often mistaken for the brown recluse.

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