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While ticks rarely fall into that category, I have recently learned, to my great surprise, that they can make you pretty darned sick. Ticks pass through four life phases from egg to adult, and at three of them, the little vampires must have a blood meal to proceed on to the next phase. In tick country, not only did I check myself regularly, but I became obsessively conscious of any tickling on my skin. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, for example, is carried by the most common ticks—the wood tick and the dog ticks. I’ll probably be freaked out about ticks for a while, but I’ll just take reasonable precautions (long sleeves and pants, DEET repellent, tick checks) and get out into the woods again. Reports from the Illinois Department of Public Health show that disease incidence from ticks has been rising over the last few years.

So as a tiny contribution to the public good, here’s some timely information about ticks and what they can do.
Since I could be pretty sure the ticks hidden in my dog’s black fur could decide at any moment to switch to the large mammal right next door, I have been known to leap from my bunk in the middle of the night to investigate a tiny tickle on my scalp. Our friend the deer tick now also transmits babesiosis, a potentially deadly bug that mimics malaria. Apparently, many ticks never make it to the adult, egg-laying stage because of the difficulty of finding handy hosts. That’s when you discover the ticks you missed on the dog; no one would tolerate the growth of such a disgusting appendage on themselves. Of course, we’ve all heard about Lyme disease from deer ticks, but other species—the kind I was seeing all the time—carry a cornucopia of viral and bacterial nasties as well.

Tularemia, erlichiosis, anaplasmosis—all tick-borne and mostly involve high fever, aches and chills, headache, nausea.
One of the major mortality factors in ticks is losing water, so they survive better in moist conditions. Public health professionals have noticed an apparent increase in tick numbers this spring.Lyme disease, which is transmitted by the deer tick subspecies of the blacklegged tick, occurs primarily in the northern two-thirds of Illinois.

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