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Other Australian Natives: There are hundreds of species, mostly found in gardens, but these are not generally considered pests. The compounds used for cockroach control are of low mamalian toxicity and do not persist in the environment. Northern Beaches Pest Management are one of the few companies that offer a 12 month free service warranty period with the majority of our residential household pest treatments, that together with a competitive price and professional service provides you the home owner with the complete pest control package.

We spend on average 1 - 2 hours at each job, we get into the roof, we go under the house, and we use a large bulk tank and hose reel to spray treat external areas and are committed to solving your pest problems. Cockroaches are known also to produce allergic reactions in humans and, in some instances sever asthma attacks. The German cockroach can mature in 2-3 months, and with up to 40 eggs in a capsule the family could number 20,000 in one year.

The various compounds used are usually so pest specific that they have little effect on non-target species.

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