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There has been a recent surge in cockroach infestations in the warmer parts of New Zealand. The particular difficulty in eradicating cockroach infestations is that cockroaches lay eggs and egg cases in cracks, crevices and areas that are hard to reach with insecticides. You can do it yourself with products available in hardware stores or if you don’t feel like controlling the cockroaches yourself you can call in a professional pest control company with technicians registered with the Pest Management Association of NZ (PMANZ). Over the last couple of months, a time when sales normally slacken off as colder weather slows cockroaches down, sales of pest control products specifically designed to control cockroaches have increased to record levels.

The eggs can hatch out weeks and months after treatment, when it appears that the cockroaches have been eliminated.
In many warmer and humid parts of New Zealand the cockroaches can survive outside, so consider placing a chemical barrier around the house and other buildings. Some of the cockroaches entering homes and other buildings are likely to be the smaller native Bush Cockroach which is less likely to cause harm, but many infestations are the common pest species; German, American and Gisborne. The traps can be checked regularly and if cockroaches are found an elimination treatment can be carried out before they have time to become established.

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