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Cockroaches are known vectors of many serious diseases, and are suspected of transmitting many more.
Some of the more serious diseases capable of being borne by cockroaches include Salmonella, E. There are four species of cockroaches that are commonly found in Texas: The German Cockroach, the Brown-Banded Cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach, and the American Cockroach. The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) is the most common cockroach encountered by exterminators in Texas. Brown-banded cockroaches (Supella longipalpa) are a little smaller than their German cousins, usually reaching a half inch in length as adults.
The adult male brown-banded cockroach is slender in appearance with wings extending beyond the tip of the abdomen. Like most roaches, American cockroaches are photophobic, and usually will scurry away when the lights are turned on.
Oriental cockroaches (Blatta orientalis) are rather large, stocky roaches, with adults usually reaching about one inch in length. Oriental cockroaches are most commonly found in dark, damp basements, but they have been known to climb water pipes to the upper floors of apartment houses. One interesting piece of insect trivia is that despite their name, Oriental cockroaches actually seem to be native to Africa, not the Orient. Oriental cockroach control methods vary depending upon location, severity, and environmental factors. More so than most pest problems, permanent, effective cockroach control requires a measure of cooperation on the part of the customer. Sanitation and the elimination of clutter are the most important factors in cockroach elimination. Please download and read our printable Cockroach Control Checklist for more advice about cockroach prevention and control, as well as instructions on how to prepare for your cockroach control treatment.
Feel free to contact us for more information about cockroach control or any of our high-quality pest control services. ALLGone Services provides cockroach extermination and control in Allen, Arlington, Bedford, Carrollton, Colleville, The Colony, Coppell, Dallas, Denton, Euless, Flowermound, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Haltom City, Highland Park, Hurst, Irving, Keller, Lewisville, McKenny, Mesquite, North Richland Hills, Plano, Richman Hills, River Oaks, Southlake and anywhere else in North Texas. All around the world, across nations and cultures, and without regard to politics, pretty much everyone hates cockroaches -- and for good reasons.
Many microorganisms can grow and multiple in a cockroach's digestive system, and then contaminate food, food preparation surfaces, and utensils when the roach defecates on or near these items.
Permanent cockroach control requires the correction of conducive conditions (such as moisture problems, sanitation issues, clutter, and harborage areas).
While walking through garbage and other filth, cockroaches pick up all sorts of disease-causing germs on their feet and legs, which they carry to other areas -- such as your silverware drawer, your counter tops, your cupboards, and other areas where food is stored, prepared, or eaten. In addition, the droppings, shed skins, and secretions of cockroaches can cause asthmatic reactions in sensitive individuals. Their significance as health vectors, their prolific reproductive potential, and their knack for becoming resistant to insecticides, make German cockroach extermination a job for a professional.

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