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To report water leaks, mold and moisture problems in a NYCHA building that require repair, call NYCHA's 24-hour Customer Contact Center at (718) 707-7771. Under the conditions of this settlement, for the first time, NYCHA will be required to respond to mold and moisture complaints within a specific, reasonable timeline. Additionally, and also for the first time, when NYCHA makes the repair, it will be required to address the problem at its source, rather than relying on the insufficient cosmetic fixes it has used in the past (i.e.
Mold is the common name used to describe various types of fungus that can be found growing both indoors and outdoors, especially in moist warm environments. Moisture fosters bacterial growth, triggers the release of air toxins, and attracts dust mites and cockroaches, which contribute allergens to household air and dust.

NYC, Manhattan pest exterminator is the professional Bed Bug Exterminators of New York City.
The Pest Control services of our NYC Bed Bug Exterminators provides you many different types of bed bug services for all clients like NYC commercial exterminator services and NYC residential pest control services in all five boroughs of New York City (Including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island).We are ready to serve you. There are different types of pests found in US like bed bugs, rats, termite,etc .The company called Pest Control NYC provides services to eliminate of pests from our house. Many apartments have recurring and uncontrolled mold growth, wet and rotting walls, musty odors, bubbling and peeling paint, and infestations of cockroaches and other vermin. In fact, one study found that asthma prevalence among children living in New York City public housing is nearly two times higher than rates among kids living in other types of housing in the city.

It would often take several months for NYCHA to respond to repair requests, if they responded at all. The lawsuit was a class action case on behalf of children and elderly NYCHA tenants suffering from asthma and all those similar situated.

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