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There are actually 5 principal pest species of cockroach Australia wide, all introduced & providing under 1 per cent of the four hundred and fifty varieties present in Australia. Cockroach pest control is necessary when these vermin invade houses, businesses and child care premises. A lot of our clients ask us about and search for different phrases concerning getting rid of cockroaches. German Cockroaches are the world's most successful and prolific cockroaches because of their extremely fast breeding habits and ability to adapt to almost any environment. Once you have employed a professional pest control company such as A1 PEST CONTROL to control German Cockroaches in your environment, there are certain things that you can do in order to get a faster, more permanent result. ONE MONTH TO SIX WEEKS AFTER TREATMENT USE SURFACE SPRAY INSIDE THE CUPBOARDS OR COCKROACH BOMBS.
Remember that cockroach control relies upon a conscientious effort from both the pest control operator and the client.
This website will give you great information on all kinds and types of cockroaches, as well as the common species of roach (They are called "Roaches" in America and a few other places overseas). Albino, American, Asian, Australian, Baby, Big, Black, Brown, Brown Banded, Flying, German, Hissing, Oriental, Small, Smokey Brown & Sydney. Rats: The most common rat species in Australia are the Norway Rat and the Roof or Black Rat. Cockroaches are one of the most ancient insects and have been around for over 350 million years.
The two species of wasps most prevalent in Australia are the European Wasp and the Paper Nest Wasp.

The dorsal and legs are dark brown to black in colour while the abdomen is charcoal grey with white markings.
There are 11 known species of mouse spider in Australia and they are related to the trapdoor and the Sydney funnel web spider. The red back spider can be found across all parts of Australia and will live anywhere there is adequate food, a sheltered area for its web and is warm enough for breeding. The St Andrews cross spider can be found all across Australia and is named because of the silky bluish white cross pattern it creates on its web, similar to that of the St Andrews Cross on the flag of Scotland. White-tailed Spiders can be found all over Australia and its bites cause severe skin ulceration in humans. Other Australian Natives: There are hundreds of species, mostly found in gardens, but these are not generally considered pests. The compounds used for cockroach control are of low mamalian toxicity and do not persist in the environment.
The cost of cockroach extermination in Kansas City varies depending on the size of the building structure, the level of infestation and the species of roach.  Once, the initial treatment resolves the roach infestation we recommend quarterly or monthly visits to ensure the roaches do not return. Chameleon: outside on plants, eats anything that don't eat it first, when threatened will bob head up and down at you with an extension from under its jaw turning red and jutting out. They include: German, American Smoky-brown, Brown-banded and of course the Australian species. A species known as the "Oriental Cockroach" (scientific name: Blatta orientalis) had been a pest species, however is currently seldom experienced, so it won't be mentioned here. Although commonly referred to as white ants, termites are actually part of the cockroach family and evolved more than 250 million years ago.

Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest spiders such as the funnel-web and red back spider. Cockroaches are known also to produce allergic reactions in humans and, in some instances sever asthma attacks. Infestation of cockroaches develops in and around buildings and other structures that provide food and shelter. The German cockroach can mature in 2-3 months, and with up to 40 eggs in a capsule the family could number 20,000 in one year. Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal creatures which hide during the day and become active at night in order to find food. They are often confused with the Brown-banded Cockroach which is lighter in colour, lives outdoors or indoors in dry environments and can fly. Most cockroaches rest in cracks and crevices and hide in the security of enclosed surfaces. Cockroaches can contaminate food products, utensils and various areas with droppings and skins.
In about 6 months, you will have the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren of the ones chased out of your apartment! Some people may be allergic to cockroaches and develop skin irritations or asthmatic problems.

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