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Smoke Bombs are a highly effective cluster fly killing fumigation device, ideal for flushing out cluster fly infestations from lofts and roof spaces. Curiously, it has often been seen that a single house or one building in a row of similar buildings will be chosen year after year for this clustering pest problem phenomenon.
Large numbers of cluster flies hibernating together are capable of producing a sickly smell and, if their local environment becomes warmer for any reason such as central heating in houses and offices, they can emerge to fly around, albeit rather lazily.

For more information about dealing with cluster flies and other insect pest problems contact Prokill who can put you in touch with your local Prokill Pest Control Professional. As the weather becomes colder, cluster flies search for more protection from the elements and may be seen in large numbers, particularly in roof spaces, lofts, etc, sometimes with several thousand flies clustered together.

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