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When I was growing up we had these little red mites all over our window sills, or at least thats the only place we noticed them. Check that, photo you posted is Red Velvet Mites, not to be confused with Blue Velvet Mites that only infect the property of cheesey Polish pop singers from the 60’s. Spider mites were mentioned as a possibility, but seeing the picture and also being from New York, those don’t look like the spider mites I know. At Rove Pest Control we take pride in serving our customers and creating long-term relationships with them.

Since clover mites are 0.75mm long, they often go unnoticed until they are seen in large masses. We have an excellent track record in both residential and commercial pest control services.
Whether indoors or outside, clover mites are found more commonly in sunny areas than in darker areas. For example, presence of a foul mite in a structure lets us know there is a bird nest on or near the structure that needs taken care of.

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