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The full-grown clover mite is slightly smaller than a pin head and has a bright reddish to reddish-brown body.
Clover mites look like dark red specks crawling around siding, doors, windows, drapes, curtains and furniture. Clover mites feed on grasses, clovers, and certain other plants in the lawn and around the home. Clover mites are plant feeders that have been found infesting more than 200 different plant. Clover mites build up large populations around structures surrounded with lush, well-fertilized lawns and shrubbery.

Large populations of clover mites may occur on the flat roofs of commercial buildings and are associated with moss growth. After eggs hatch, the newly emerged immature clover mites move to find hosts, molt, and pass through two nymphal stages.
Clover mites are most troublesome in early spring and again in fall, especially on the east and south sides of buildings.
Placing a plant-free band of gravel, coarse sand, marbles, lava rock, or wood chips around the foundation helps keep clover mites away from the structure. Use a vacuum cleaner inside the structure to pick up the live mites without crushing them so that they don't stain.

Clover mites are a species of mites that feed primarily on grass, especially well-fertilized grass. A 10 to 20 foot wide strip of nearby lawn where the mites are found during their invasion period should be sprayed also.

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