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Bed Bugs Must Come in Contact with Bleach - Bed bugs will not be killed just because bleach is near them. Bleach is Poisonous to People and Pets - Bleach fumes can easily make someone ill and getting bleach on your skin can cause chemical burns. Bed Bugs Are Sensitive to Chemical Odors - Bed bugs communicate through pheromones, so they can easily detect chemical changes in the air. Bleach is Unnecessary to Use When Washing Clothes - Bed bugs are not very tolerant of heat.
While these methods will work to help control your bed bug situation, there are easier techniques and strategies to stop bed bug problems in your home. Lysol has long been used an extremely popular disinfectant using it to kill bacteria, viruses, and cleaning surfaces, but many people are starting to use it to control pest and insect problems.
The active ingredient in most Lysol (keep in mind that each type of Lysol has different ingredients) is 79% Ethanol, which is a high enough alcohol volume to kill bed bugs when sprayed directly with Lysol.
Even though Lysol will kill the germs and bacteria on a bed, it will do little to protect you from bed bug bites. You can also rub the isopropyl alcohol on eggs so that when the bugs hatch they will be killed.

When I was battling my bed bug nightmare, I didn’t have enough money to hire a bed bug exterminator, so I was forced to try out various home remedies. As with my post on how to get rid of bed bugs, I’ve listed my two favorite suggestions at the bottom of the page.
Logic tells me you could sprinkle this all over your bed first thing in the morning and vacuum it away in the evening.
By louel53RE: Getting Rid of Bed BugsThe main problem with bedbugs is they are persistent blood suckers causing serious itching and sleeplessness.
Encase the bed and boxspring in bedbug cases (see picture of my bed and boxspring, enclosed in bedbug case, from Walmart).
I used isopropyl alcohol (91%) in a spray bottle and sprayed on bedding and other cloth items. Strip beds and wash all sheets, pillow cases, mattress pads, blankets, comforters, and bed skirts. For hard surfaces, computer table chair, coffee table, dining table and chairs I used Clorox spray with bleach, it's strong and kills them. Therefore, another way of killing them is to place your clothes into sealed plastic bags and leaving the bags outdoors in a very hot or sunny location for at least 10hrs.

If itching urge wakes you up, switch the light on or use a flash light and look for bugs running to their hiding place. The exterminator may not have killed all the eggs, as he does the spraying with sight and intuition, and it's difficult to spot all possible hidings and egg laying.
Rubbing alcohol and Clorox cleaner with bleach was recommended by other people on the internet.
The exterminator has access to stronger sprays, which he used on: the bed, bed seams, box spring and all corners, all baseboards in all rooms, computer table and chair, couch and sofa and also on cushion seams, and carpet. In sixth week, one night I was tremendously itchy at 4AM and got up and noticed bedbugs crawling into the crevices on the bed. As per the recommendation of pest control guy I've purchased from Walmart, Allerease Bed Bug Allergy Protection, which is a zippered microfiber mattress protector.

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