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Cicada killers (sometimes called "lawn wasps") are large insects with similar coloration as yellow jackets. Male cicada killers can be very intimidating because they fly aggressively, make a loud buzz, and sometimes even head butt you if you get too close to their mates' nest. Female cicada killers have stingers, but they're fairly passive insects who usually don't sting unless you do something dumb like stick your finger into their nest hole.
Other than being annoying (especially when present in large numbers), cicada killers are disliked primarily for the damage they do to lawns.

As there name implies, digger bees are true bees (as opposed to wasps) that make nests in the ground. They have an interesting life cycle that is also the reason for their name: A female catches and paralyzes a cicada, drags it into her nest in the ground, and lays an egg on it.
One of the things that differentiates wasps from bees is that wasps don't make honey, but bees do. More importantly on a practical level, in Georgia, most stinging insects are wasps, not bees.

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