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A MOTHER whose newborn baby was rescued from a toilet pipe in China is in hospital after nearing "mental collapse'' while the alleged father has requested a DNA test, state-run media report.
The Chinese newborn who was rescued from a sewer pipe after his mother gave birth in the toilet has been released from hospital, and will be looked after by his mother and grandparents.
Rescue workers break away bits of a sewer pipe to save the newborn in the city of Jinhua, China.
The baby found flushed down a toilet and stuck in a drain pipe is recovering in a Chinese hospital after being carefully removed alive Saturday. In this still image taken from video from Saturday May 25, 2013, rescue workers cut away parts of a sewage pipe where a newborn baby was trapped in Pujiang in east China’s Zhejiang province. The¬†6.2-pound baby ¬†still had his placenta attached to his body, reports said, suggesting he had just been born. BEIJING - Dramatic and graphic video emerged over the weekend from China showing a newborn baby boy being rescued from a sewage pipe. When the firefighters arrived on the scene they discovered a two-day old baby lodged in the piping below the toilet. The video shows firefighters and doctors taking apart the sewer pipe piece by piece under the newborn was finally revealed from inside.

The incident has conjured up intense emotions on Chinese social media especially after the news this weekend of separate newborn discovered in a dumpster in Hebei province. In March China's Ministry of Civil Affairs released data indicating there are 9,394 orphans and abandoned babies across China being cared for by non-government affiliated agencies. The Chinese-language newsweekly MinSheng reported last year that 100,000 babies are estimated to have been abandoned each year in China. We will use all our love to protect the baby as it grows older,'' the grandfather was quoted as saying.
The baby boy was rescued from a sewage pipe in a Chinese apartment building after being flushed down a toilet after his mother gave birth in secret. Chinese firefighters have rescued a newborn boy from a sewer pipe below a squat toilet, sawing out an L-shaped section and then delicately dismantling it to free the trapped baby, who greeted the rescuers with cries. The baby was stuck in an L-shaped portion of the sewage pipe with a diameter of about 10 centimeters (3 inches).
After attempts to pull the baby out of the toilet failed, the rescuers resorted to sawing off a whole section of piping containing the baby and brought it to the neighboring hospital. The baby, who received minor cuts and bruises during his ordeal, has been released from hospital into the care of his mother.

A tenant heard the baby s sounds in the public restroom of a residential building in Zhejiang province in eastern China on Saturday and notified authorities, according to the state-run news site Zhejiang News. 59 has seen an outpouring of support from strangers donating diapers, baby clothes and powdered milk.
It has emerged that it was the baby's 22-year-old mother who raised the alarm after she gave birth at a squat toilet. A video of the two-hour rescue that followed was broadcast widely on Chinese news programs and websites late Monday and Tuesday. The mother said that she had concealed her pregnancy and had dropped the baby after the delivery on Saturday. Firefighters took an hour to dismantle the pipe in order to recover the baby boy.Martin Patience reports. She reportedly went to the fourth-floor public bathroom where she lived as she felt sick and found herself in labor.Not wanting her child, but unwilling to leave him to die in the drain, she reportedly notified a neighbor of sounds coming from the pipes, who then called police to investigate.

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