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House centipedes have been known to enthusiastically eat bed bugs, a fact which endears them to me. Masked assassin (masked hunter) bugs also eat bed bugs, and their presence in the home is said to be a sign bed bugs are present. I know house spiders will eat bed bugs because when I had bedbugs I would see lots of them trapped in spider webs around the crevices of my wall where spiders would give them a taste of their own medicine and suck their fluids out.
Yeah, I just don’t think you could have the volume of spiders needed to get rid of bed bugs. The suggestion about pot is fascinating, though unfortunately Bed Bug Helloise and I are in no position to test it.
The bottom line is if you have some house centipedes–let them live and enjoy their bed bug-eating marathon. A bigger problem is that most PCOs treat your room in such a way that you need to sleep there to attract the bugs to cross the poison to their deaths. I moved into my house two years ago and from the beginning we would see the random centipede but i already knew they were predator bugs so I never messed with them, figuring they were mopping up the spiders in the basement.

I work in a daycare, and my husband in a shelter- both of us have had these jobs for over 10 years- we never had any bugs in our home except a centipede, and some ants in spring- well, we moved about a year ago into a new apartment, and about 3 months ago- which would have been 15 months here, we have bedbugs- we cannot figure out where they came from- we need to get rid of them- we will maybe see 1 bug every 2 weeks- I vacume constantly, I use PRONTO bug spray for bed bugs daily, we iron our mattress, couch, chairs etc 1-2x’s a week- NO- ONE EXCEPT ME IS GETTING BITTEN!!!!!
Bed Bugs are Gods creatures too,….yall need to stop killing them and appreciate what God has blessed your home with!!!!! From what I gather, bedbug predators are worse than the bugs (roaches and some kind of killer wasp). It is difficult to move without bringing bed bugs unless you take extreme measures to decon your possessions (e.g. Secondly, if you do manage to get bed bugs out of your clothing, and your home is infested, then hanging the items in your home to dry is a bad idea.
Finally, while steam can be a useful tool in fighting bed bugs, I recommend readers check out our FAQ on steaming. I have a question: Getting into bed the other night, I pulled back the comforter and a little baby centipede scurried away. I would just familiarize myself with the Bed Bug Photos (see links at top) and signs of bed bugs, and maybe inspect your home for bed bugs.

On the other hand, IMO, everyone should learn to recognize the signs of bed bugs and search their homes for them, since they are on the rise. Predatory insects such as spiders or centipedes will not sustain a large population without a food source. Not saying bed bugs are or aren’t he food source for your centipede population because they would be just as happy feeding off roaches, silverfish, ants and the list goes on. I also learned that they like funk word of advise people out there in all ages if you ever incounter or interface with bed bugs take a shower they adtract to stinky smells. We have had house centipedes for many years and it appears they may have slipped in their duties!

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