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A beautiful, organized Pokedex updated with Gen 5 Pokemon that contains relevant information.
The generation of an electron-hole pair can be calculated at any location within the solar cell, at any wavelength of light, or for the entire standard solar spectrum. Generation is the greatest at the surface of the material, where the majority of the light is absorbed. Because the light used in PV applications contains many different wavelengths, many different generation rates must be taken into account when designing a solar cell. The generation rate gives the number of electrons generated at each point in the device due to the absorption of photons.
The above equation can be used to calculate the number of electron-hole pairs being generated in a solar cell.
The above equations show that the light intensity exponentially decreases throughout the material and further that the generation is highest at the surface of the material. For photovoltaic applications, the incident light consists of a combination of many different wavelengths, and therefore the generation rate at each wavelength is different.

To calculate the generation for a collection of different wavelengths, the net generation is the sum of the generation for each wavelength. Generation rate of electron-hole pairs in a piece of silicon as a function of distance into the cell.
The net generation rate, which is the summation of the generation rates at each at each wavelength, is needed because in solar energy applications, the incident sunlight on the solar cells includes light from the standard solar spectrum.
Pokemon war seit der ersten Generation ein anspruchsvolles RPG und hat eine breite Fanbase.
The information contained for each Poke is: number, name, type 1, type 2, base stats, matchups for each type, abilities (including DW), base exp, EV wield, catch rate, height, weight, species, color and habitat. The coverage calculator (which I am in love with by the way) doesn't account for Flash Fire, Herbivore. Now names are capitalized and abilities are now accounted for in the coverage calculator (except when it's redundant, for example Lightningrod Pikachu will not be shown when searching for Ele+Fly, but regular Pikachu will.
The generation as a function of distance for a standard solar spectrum (AM 1.5) incident on a piece of silicon is shown below.

Therefore, to understand what the net generation rate is in the solar cell due to the sun, all solar spectral wavelengths must be included. The reason is that the coverage calculator checks only the type matchup fields that you see on the Pokedex sheet, unlike the damage calculator, for example, which has an extensive formula and things to check and account for. Consequently, differentiating the above equation will give the generation at any point in the device. The y-axis scale is logarithmic showing that there is an enormously greater generation of electron-hole pairs near the front surface of the cell, while further into the solar cell the generation rate becomes nearly constant. Download the latest version and enjoy competitive battles across all six generations in real time against trainers from around the world!

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