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Dan Hill from Swansea, quit his ?80,000 a year job as a banker to become a carpenter only to find he had an allergy to wood. Read posts from Master Carpenter Garland Wood describing the processes of building and raising the frame for the Anderson Kitchen. Carpenters lay shingles on the roof of a shed near Shields Tavern in The Revolutionary City. In a century when most structures were built from wood, no tradesmen were more useful than the carpenter and joiner.

Durable examples of the work of carpenters may be seen in Colonial Williamsburg's 88 original 18th-century buildings. Dan, 32, decided to change his career after believing the carpenter’s life would be the dream for him.
None, perhaps, is finer than the Peyton Randolph House, where carpenters reconstructed the site's outbuildings. Currently, the Historic Trades carpenters are using 18th-century tools and techniques at Great Hopes Plantation and the joiners are located at the Ayscough House and also at the reconstruction site of the Anderson Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury.

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