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Carpenter bees don’t get as much press as termites when it comes to damaging wood, but they shouldn’t be ignored.
It would be interesting to just observe the behavior of carpenter bees if not for the fact that they are digging into your wood, and once a desirable nest site is established, carpenter bees tend to return to that same site year after year. Providing premium stinging insect control in Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Roseburg and Surrounding Areas. Carpenter bee control is crucial for maintaining the cosmetic and structural integrity of your home.
Carpenter bee control – or “carpenter bees extermination” involves killing the developing bees in the nest and repelling adult bees from existing and potential nest sites.

However, damage can be serious when they nest in groups, or reinfest old nest sites, or if woodpeckers attack the wood trying to reach the carpenter bee larvae inside.
Our carpenter bee control service begins with a thorough inspection to find carpenter bee nests on and around your home. While bumble bees have a fuzzy black abdomen, carpenter bees have a smooth, shiny black abdomen. Nests turn at a right angle beyond the opening and follow the grain for 4 to 6 inches, but galleries used by multiple bees can be much longer. Our carpenter bee extermination service is guaranteed to protect your home and your wood from damage caused by carpenter bees.

When they have developed into adult bees in late summer, they emerge through the nest opening. These new adult bees often spend the winter in the nest and become active again and mate the following spring.

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