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Honey bees are comprised of races (or subspecies) of which the African Honey Bee (scutellata) is one.Nearly identical in appearance to the races of European Honey Bee, the only reliable method of identification is by genetic analysis or comparison of wing size. Tree holes and woodpecker damaged utility poles provide suitable habitat for African honey bee colonies. African Honey bees will make external, exposed nests much more readily than european honey bees. If left alone the eggs will hatch and new bees will emerge in the fall, only to return the following spring to the same places.

And if that wasn’t enough, woodpeckers love carpenter bee larva, so you could wake up to the continuous rata tat tat  of Woody Woodpecker one morning.
There is only one way to effectively deal with carpenter bees, treat each individual bee hole. We can’t stress safety enough, climbing a ladder and dealing with bees requires a cool head.
There’s just no time for a busy bee for bathroom breaks, so the waste ends up on the side of your home.

They will last until the fall and kill the emerging bees so they can’t come back in the spring. If they appear to start from behind the trim board, then it’s a good bet that you have carpenter bees.

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