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The male Carpenter bee has no stinger but the female does, she’s not known to bite or sting unless caught in clothing, your hair or your hand trying to swat them. The Carpenter bee resembles the Bumble bee which is aggressive and will sting with less provocation. The Carpenter bee over winters in abandoned holes only to come out in the spring to complete the life cycle.
Carpenter bees are waking up and looking to do what they’ve been doing for thousands of years.

This big bee is simply drilling out a hole where she can lay her eggs and deposit food for the next generation. Sometimes called the drilling bee she prefers drilling vertically from under the wood but will go right into the side as well. Both bees have yellow and black markings but the carpenter bees abdomen is shiny black and appears hairless.
I’ve seen some boards so riddled with Carpenter bee caverns that they literally fall apart with the touch.

Most times control methods come after the bee is through the surface and into the heart of the board where your borate won’t reach. The spray sticks and covers the entire tunnel and the bee can’t help but get it on its body.

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