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Carpenter bee eggs, larvae, and pupae are generally out of sight in cells in their holes in wood. Carpenter bees burrow into the exposed dry wood of buildings, telephone poles, and fence posts, causing an unsightly appearance and structural weakness. Carpenter bees prefer bare wood but will attack wood with a stain or light coat of paint or which is lightly pressure treated. In spring and early summer, adult carpenter bees emerge from protected overwintering sites such as old nest galleries. Once the gallery has been constructed, an eggs are deposited with a mass of pollen and nectar. Some folks find that simply killing the bees by swatting them with a tennis racket keeps the population at a tolerable level.

One gardener relates that carpenter bees are attracted to his ajuga groundcover so he sprays them with water to slow them down before hitting with a racquet. Professional pest control operators might well be consulted to handle serious carpenter bee infestations. Pine Beetles – Diagnosis and Control Several kinds of beetles ferociously attack drought-weakened pine trees in summer. Boric acid powder or silica gel dust (Drione) can be applied to the affected area or in the holes made by the bees. Adult carpenter bees are inch-long, black insects with yellowish hairs mostly on the thorax.
Several days after treatment, when the carpenter bee activity has ceased, plug the holes with dowel rods, plastic wood or other suitable materials.

If the bees persist, additional residual insecticide treatments may be required once or twice a week until their activity ceases. This distinguishes them from bumble bees, which are similar in size and coloration, but have yellowish hairs on top of their abdomens.

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