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1-Above Pest Control Services will send out a licensed inspector to determine which types of ants are currently invading your home and property. 1-Above Pest Control Services will perform an initial treatment targeted for the current ant problem as well as protecting the home from other ants and additional pest pressure.
Homeowners in all areas of Texas should watch for subterranean termites and take precautions to prevent infestations. They will inspect and identify conditions conducive for ants as well as assess sanitation practices that may contribute to ant infestations.

1-Above Pest Control Services, specialists are trained in the habits and biology of all the types of ants in Central Texas. Fire ants, carpenter ants, sugar ants, rover ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, leaf cutter ants and many more. They carry a wide variety of products which allow them to treat for any and all types of ants. Our ongoing maintenance program will allow our specialists to apply fresh baits and liquid barriers to protect the home and property from ants and other pests.

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