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Carpenter Ant - Pest control and Pest extermination in Hamilton, Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga & St.
Southeast Asia has carpenter ants with a unique defense mechanism when their colony is in danger or being threatened. All Seasons Pest Control has more than 40 years experience helping you rid your home of Carpenter Ants. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood, but like termites they can cause considerable damage to wooden structures. There are many “natural” remedies available at your local hardware store which claim to solve Carpenter Ant problems.
Carpenter Ants are Large Dark Ants that can Damage Wood in and Outside of your Home or Business.
Carpenter Ants leave a sawdust-like material behind known as frass that provides clues to their nesting location.

If you suspect a Carpenter Ant issue, don’t delay, call today for prompt, professional attention. This carpenter ant has a gland filled with chemicals that runs down the entirety of the body, which the ant can cause to burst by contracting certain muscles.
Our staff will help you confirm the identify of the invading species, develop a comprehensive treatment plan and monitor against future infestations. Carpenter Ants excavate wood to create space for their colony.  This pest prefers damp wood, and in its natural environment would makes its home inside fallen trees.
Unlike termite-damaged areas, Carpenter Ant galleries or holes are smooth and have mud packed into the hollowed out areas.
In fact 100% of the Carpenter Ant treatments performed by All Seasons Pest Control have been for this species.
The concern for homeowners is that carpenter ants will select a structural piece of damp lumber in the home to make a colony.

Many of these treatments have a place in part of an overall integrated pest management program, but tend not to produce the results sought in the time desired.
In order to truly resolve a Carpenter Ant infestation, a comprehensive approach is required.
All Seasons Pest Control can help you implement a pest management program that includes interior treatment, exterior treatment, and monitoring.

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