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I changed out all the toilets in a house today and while doing my final walk through with a customer, I found ants in one of the upstairs bathroom all around the toilet. I once had a customer with a rocking toilet that had termites that ate the sub floor and and 2x8s in her upstairs bathroom, When I pulled the toilet were apparent.
Question: I live in Leesburg, and have been seeing tons of large black ants in my upstairs bathroom. While it’s impossible to answer your question conclusively without a thorough inspection, it sounds from your description like you have carpenter ants. It’s not uncommon for people to have your experience – finding these particular ants only in the bathroom, and often upstairs.

Luckily for you, carpenter ants also don’t cause nearly as much structural damage as termites, as they only remove as much wood as they need for a nest. Carpenter ants are often found upstairs due to tree limbs and branches that are touching your house and acting as a bridge into your home. Green Pest Services can help you find the source of your ant problem and take steps to free your bathroom of carpenter ants once and for all. They are in the carpenter ant genus, but this species only occupies preformed spaces in wood, and do not excavate, as do some other species. I always leave an area of the toilet that is not caulked so you can see if the seal leaks, and there were ants searching all around the toilet and going under the bowl.

Many of these homes were built with a plywood subfloor, overlayed with particle board then tile, but I am not sure about this particular bathroom.

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