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Carpenter ants commonly nest inside trees, especially older trees that are hollow or have a significant amount of dead, decayed wood. Control is not essential for the tree's health, as the ants are only taking advantage of an existing situation of soft, weak wood in which to establish their colony.
Control of carpenter ants inside trees is difficult but can be done as a way to reduce invasion of the ants into adjacent structures. An alternative is to treat the trunk and ground around the tree in hopes of reducing the population of foragers (workers). The nest of a carpenter ant may be found indoors or outdoors, although most often the main nest will be outdoors. Many times homeowners will see carpenter ants in their home and do not know where they are coming from. To me based on your picture it looks like the cut is sloping back toward the tree creating a place where water collects. I have one black walnut that had carpenter ants and rot in the center of the tree - just about ground level.

But, to the OP; if the weight of your tree is hanging towards your house I would get rid of it - don't take a chance. You might be right about the cement - but it has been a good decade and the tree is still alive. Carpenter ants can make their nest in many different things that either have natural moisture to them or are near moist areas. Within the carpenter ant colony there will be a main nest, called the parent colony, and then there are smaller nests, called satellite colonies.
Check in any suspected areas where carpenter ants like to build their nests, and tap on the object or wall.
If the carpenter ants are inside the home they can either be passing through or coming out of their nest.
Put your ear up to it and listen for a rustling sound, carpenter ants make this sound with their jaw and if they are disturbed, by tapping on the wall, the sound will get louder. If you can not find the nest it could be outdoors, and the carpenter ants are just looking for food.

If you do find the nest it is best to call your local pest control service to come remove the carpenter ants. The most important thing in controlling carpenter ants is that you destroy the parent colony, and not just all the satellite colonies. It is best to attempt to locate the nest at night when the carpenter ants are more likely to be out. In the case that you do not see the carpenter ants out and about look around your home for frass, the saw dust looking stuff, as that is usually left near the nest.
Here's an example of what frass looks like if you need to search for carpenter ants within your home.

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