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For more information on Carpenter Ant Treatments, please call a D&R Pest Professional today at 319-354-1606. Carpenter ants destroy wood, leading to costly cosmetic and structural damage to buildings and furnishings. A Carpenter Ant gets its name from being one of natures most aggressive wood destroying insects. If they have already entered the structure and made themselves at home, please don’t wait any longer to give us a call!

Their small cousins, known as pavement ants or sugar ants are a small annoyance, but carpenter ants are a destructive and expensive pest. These small, yet very destructive ants can destroy wood quicker than any other wood destroying insect. Since a Carpenter Ant can do so much damage in a short amount of time, we suggest a routine treatment be done on your property in order to keep them away. Getting rid of carpenter ants requires a professional who can identify each nesting site—it is not unusual for a single structure to host more than one colony—and can eliminate every individual.

With their ability to live in most temperatures, it allows them to roam freely and look for more places to call home.

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