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Sussex is a prime area of New Jersey for carpenter ant infestations and they often go unnoticed until it’s too late.
Amazing as it sounds, carpenter ants may be one of the most valuable insects we have on our earth.
When you see carpenter ants crawling around your yard they may seem harmless enough, it is what you can’t see that may cost you thousands of dollars down the road!
As is the case with termites, carpenter ant infestations often go unnoticed until it is a costly situation to correct. A carpenter ant infestation your house or business usually means that there is a moisture problem.
Carpenter ants can infest building materials such as wood or foam insulation, and can occupy cavities like those found in the hollow doors or window frames in your home.
Professional Sussex Pest Removal Service will routinely treat the exterior perimeter of your home or office in order to control a nest or protect it from carpenter ant foraging. Properly removal a carpenter ant infestation requires residual insecticides and void injections of insecticide. Buying ant traps at the store may kill the ants crawling around your house, but they will not remove the nest.
When a carpenter ant infestation is suspected, it’s always best to employ a licensed Pest Removal Service, especially when ant nests are difficult to find. Assure Pest Control is a professional Pest Removal Service specializing in Carpenter ant treatment. If you live in the Sussex area or anywhere in the Morris County, Sussex County area contact us first and let a licensed Sussex Pest Removal Service get rid of your Carpenter ants once and for all!

Pantego based Assassin Exterminating is able to provide superior Carpenter Ant Colony Elimination results by only using the highest quality products available to Pest Management Professionals.
The difference is, termites eat the cellulose found in the wood, while carpenter ants create tunnels in decaying or moist wood. For instance, these ants are often found around dishwashers, sinks, laundry areas and bathrooms,  especially if you have plumbing leaks. The best indicator will be areas where you find the sawdust that is created when the ants dig out their tunnels. Keep in mind, that a mature nest may have smaller nests located nearby, which also need to be discovered and destroyed in order to properly eradicate the ant infestation. This process of drilling and treatment is highly effective if nests are able to be pinpointed. This ant treatment typically requires all occupants and pets to vacate the building for a given period of time. The Sussex Pest Removal Service should conduct a thorough and complete inspection that provides you with the location of the nest(s) or at least a probable nest site prior to treatment. Carpenter Ants carry food back to the nest intact or ingested and later feed it to non-foraging members in the colony.Homeowners become concerned when they see Carpenter Ants inside.
Keep in mind, the ant removal materials used can only be applied by a trained ant exterminator. If you live in the Sussex area and suspect you may have a carpenter ant infestation contact us right away and we will come out and give you a professional assessment. But, seeing Carpenter Ants inside the home does not necessarily mean the house is actually infested.

Once all the nests are found and treated, it is unlikely that additional pest control for carpenter ant removal will be needed. It could mean the house is simply within foraging distance of a colony which could be several hundred feet from the structure.Certain parts of a house, around and under windows, roof eaves, decorative railroad ties, decks and porches are more likely to be infested by Carpenter Ants because of moisture damage in these areas. Also, unlike termites, carpenter ants can take years to cause significant damage to your Sussex home.
Nests also may be located in hollow doors, small void areas produced during construction or even in foam insulation.Carpenter Ant Colony EliminationSince the visible Carpenter Ants that you are seeing in your home are only scouts looking for food, applying a baseboard spray to foraging workers with residual insecticides is of limited value because, even though some workers will die, the colony will largely be unaffected by the treatment.
When the product dissipates within a few weeks, which they are designed to do, you will simply have to re-apply insecticides and start the process all over again while damage is still being done to your home.Because Carpenter Ants live in Colonies, a treatment which targets the Colony is the only way to guarantee elimination of Carpenter Ants. What we do at Assassin Exterminating is not control the Carpenter Ant infestation, but completely eliminate it. Some companies may propose expensive treatments which use more insecticide than is needed to control the Carpenter Ant problem.Instead of spending the time to find the Colony, some companies propose to inject dust into every exterior wall void.
Not only is this expensive and disruptive to you, but if the Colony isn't located in the home this will do nothing to eliminate the Colony.Monthly sprays shouldn't be needed for managing Carpenter Ants. Inspections should be performed quarterly after a proper treatment to ensure complete Carpenter Ant colony elimination has been achieved.

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