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The Pavement Ant is so named for it's preferred nesting grounds, often under pavements or concrete where small bubbles form within the cracks. Ants of this specie are sometimes mistaken for carpenter ants due to their black coloration and relatively large size. Pavement Ants occasionally nest within walls, under foundations, in the insulation of buildings and under walls.
This species of ant also nests within the soil of grassy areas, often spotting yard surfaces with small mounds of dirt. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood they are digging through, they are only working to expand their nest.

Other species of ant can nest under pavements and form small and also form small anthills of sand.
Pharaoh ants cannot survive winter out in the cold, so most of their nests can be found indoors. At the adult stage, ants are divided into different castes: reproductives (fertile winged males and females), queens (wingless and fertilized), and workers (sterile wingless females). It is sometimes paramount to the success of treatment to properly identify the species of ant. Although this is not a native species in Quebec, this species of ant has adapted itself very well to our climate.

Pharaoh Ant Problems start whenever they are introduced to a building by food items or diverse objects.

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