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Wild animals can cause persistent problems for electrical substations, gas plants, airports, and commercial facilities.
We installed an underground rodent fence to block out skunks, rats, raccoons, and snakes. This rodent slick fence requires heavy exterior treated two-by-four or two-by-six frames. Rats, raccoons, and squirrels were climbing the telephone poles and accessing the substation by scaling the high wire system to the transformers. We installed a rodent slick sheet blockade on the telephone poles so that animals cannot climb to the electrical boxes or access the high wires. We have had excellent success in preventing all burrowing and climbing rodents from gaining access.
You can see that we attached the slick sheets to the chain link fence, preventing any animals or rodents from climbing or gaining access to the station. We realize that our completed system looks unique compared to most chain link fence barriers.

These animal activities cause power outages which are expensive to repair and can can seriously affect distribution station performance and electrical transmissions. Power outages can be prevented through the installation of appropriate barriers, both above and below ground. Rats and raccoons had gone through or over the chain link fence, entering the substation and shorting out transformers.
The fence is installed deep below ground to prevent burrowing animals from gaining access. Comprehensive rat control can be achieved, even in semi-enclosed structures such as this. Such outages are also inconvenient for customers and can damage their computers and appliances.

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